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216A.136 Statistical analysis center---access to records.

The division shall maintain an Iowa statistical analysis center for the purpose of coordinating with data resource agencies to provide data and analytical information to federal, state, and local governments, and assist agencies in the use of criminal and juvenile justice data. Notwithstanding any other provision of state law, unless prohibited by federal law or regulation, the division shall be granted access, for purposes of research and evaluation, to criminal history records, official juvenile court records, juvenile court social records, and any other data collected or under control of the board of parole, department of corrections, district departments of correctional services, department of human services, judicial department, and department of public safety. However, intelligence data and peace officer investigative reports maintained by the department of public safety shall not be considered data for the purposes of this section. Any record, data, or information obtained by the division under this section and the division itself is subject to the federal and state confidentiality laws and regulations which are applicable to the original record, data, or information obtained by the division and to the original custodian of the record, data, or information. The access shall include but is not limited to all of the following:

1. Juvenile court records and all other information maintained under sections 232.147 through 232.153.

2. Child abuse information under sections 235A.15 through 235A.19.

3. Dependent adult abuse records maintained under chapter 235B.

4. Criminal history data maintained under chapter 692.

5. Sex offender registry information maintained under chapter 692A.

6. Presentence investigation reports maintained under section 901.4.

7. Corrections records maintained under sections 904.601 and 904.602.

8. Community-based correctional program records maintained under chapter 905.

9. Parole records maintained under chapter 906.

10. Deferred judgment, deferred or suspended sentence, and probation records maintained under chapter 907.

11. Violation of parole or probation records maintained under chapter 908.

12. Fines and victim restitution records maintained under chapters 909 and 910.

Section History: Recent form

88 Acts, ch 1277, §19 ~IC89, § 601K.136 ~I90 Acts, ch 1124, § 4 ~IC93, § 216A.136 ~I96 Acts, ch 1150, § 2; 96 Acts, ch 1193, § 3, 4

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