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204.1 Definitions.

1. "Animal unit" means a unit of measurement used to determine the animal capacity of a confinement feeding operation, based upon the product of multiplying the number of animals of each species by the following: P MARGINS F

a.$T3@Slaughter and feeder cattle$T20@1.0 ~~

b.$T3@Mature dairy cattle$T20@1.4 ~~

c.$T3@Butcher and breeding swine, ~~ over fifty-five pounds$T20@0.4 ~~

d.$T3@Sheep or lambs$T20@0.1 ~~

e.$T3@Horses$T20@2.0 ~~

f.$T3@Turkeys$T20@0.018 ~~

g.$T3@Broiler or layer chickens$T20@0.01 ~~ P MARGINS L

2. "Animal weight capacity" means the same as defined in section 455B.161.

3. "Confinement feeding operation" means a confinement feeding operation as defined in section 455B.161.

4. "Department" means the department of agriculture and land stewardship.

5. "Fund" means the manure storage indemnity fund created in section 204.2.

6. "Indemnity fee" means the fee provided in section 204.3.

7. "Manure" means animal excreta or other commonly associated wastes of animals, including but not limited to bedding, litter, or feed losses.

8. "Manure storage structure" means a structure used to store manure as part of a confinement feeding operation subject to a construction permit issued by the department of natural resources pursuant to section 455B.173. A manure storage structure includes, but is not limited to, an anaerobic lagoon, formed manure storage structure, or earthen manure storage basin, as defined in section 455B.161.

9. "Permittee" means a person who obtains a permit for the construction of a manure storage structure, or a confinement feeding operation, if a manure storage structure is connected to the confinement feeding operation.

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95 Acts, ch 195, §4

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