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20.4 Exclusions.

The following public employees shall be excluded from the provisions of this chapter:

1. Elected officials and persons appointed to fill vacancies in elective offices, and members of any board or commission.

2. Representatives of a public employer, including the administrative officer, director or chief executive officer of a public employer or major division thereof as well as the officer's or director's deputy, first assistant, and any supervisory employees.

"Supervisory employee" means any individual having authority in the interest of the public employer to hire, transfer, suspend, layoff, recall, promote, discharge, assign, reward or discipline other public employees, or the responsibility to direct them, or to adjust their grievances, or effectively to recommend such action, if, in connection with the foregoing, exercise of such authority is not of a merely routine or clerical nature, but requires the use of independent judgment. All school superintendents, assistant superintendents, principals and assistant principals shall be deemed to be supervisory employees.

3. Confidential employees.

4. Students working as part-time public employees twenty hours per week or less, except graduate or other postgraduate students in preparation for a profession who are engaged in academically related employment as a teaching, research, or service assistant.

5. Temporary public employees employed for a period of four months or less.

6. Commissioned and enlisted personnel of the Iowa national guard.

7. Judicial officers, and confidential, professional, or supervisory employees of the judicial department.

8. Patients and inmates employed, sentenced or committed to any state or local institution.

9. Persons employed by the state department of justice, except nonsupervisory employees of the consumer advocate division who are employed primarily for the purpose of performing technical analysis of nonlegal issues.

10. Persons employed by the credit union division of the department of commerce.

11. Persons employed by the banking division of the department of commerce.

12. Persons employed by the savings and loan division of the department of commerce.

13. The appointee serving as the coordinator of the office of renewable fuels and coproducts, as provided in section 159A.3.

Section History: Early form

[C75, 77, 79, 81, § 20.4]

Section History: Recent form

83 Acts, ch 186, § 10012, 10201; 86 Acts, ch 1246, § 612; 86 Acts, ch 1245, § 230; 89 Acts, ch 296, § 5; 89 Acts, ch 158, § 3; 91 Acts, ch 254, § 3; 94 Acts, ch 1119, §9

Internal References

Referred to in § 20.3, 279.23

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