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198.9 Inspection fees and reports.

1. An inspection fee to be fixed annually by the secretary at a rate of not more than sixteen cents per ton, shall be paid on commercial feed distributed in this state by the person who first distributes the commercial feed, subject to the following:

a. The inspection fee is not required on the first distribution, if made to a qualified buyer who, with approval from the secretary, shall become responsible for the fee.

b. A fee shall not be paid on a commercial feed if the payment has been made by a previous distributor.

c. A fee shall not be paid on customer-formula feeds if the inspection fee is paid on the commercial feeds which are used as components of the customer-formula feeds.

d. A minimum semiannual fee shall be twenty dollars.

e. A licensed manufacturer shall pay the inspection fee on commercial feed that is fed to livestock owned by the licensee.

In the case of a pet food or specialty pet food, which is distributed in this state in packages of ten pounds or less, each product shall be registered and an annual registration fee of fifty dollars for each product shall be paid by January 1 of each year in lieu of the per ton rate as provided in this subsection. The inspection fee shall apply to those same products distributed in packages of more than ten pounds.

2. Each person who is liable for the payment of such fee shall:

a. File, not later than the last day of January and July of each year, a semiannual statement, setting forth the number of net tons of commercial feeds distributed in this state during the preceding six months and upon filing the statement shall pay the inspection fee at the rate stated in subsection 1. Inspection fees which are due and owing and have not been remitted to the secretary within fifteen days following the due date shall have a delinquency fee of ten percent of the amount due or fifty dollars, whichever is greater, added to the amount due when payment is finally made. The assessment of this delinquency fee does not prevent the department from taking other actions as provided in this chapter.

b. Keep such records as may be necessary or required by the secretary to indicate accurately the tonnage of commercial feed distributed in this state, and the secretary shall have the right to examine such records to verify statements of tonnage.

Failure to make an accurate statement of tonnage or to pay the inspection fee or comply as provided in this section is sufficient cause for cancellation of the license of the distributor.

3. Fees collected shall be deposited in the general fund of the state and shall be subject to the requirements of section 8.60. Moneys deposited under this section shall be used for the payment of the costs of inspection, sampling, analysis, supportive research, and other expenses necessary for the administration of this chapter.

If there is an unencumbered balance of funds from the fees deposited under this section on June 30 of any fiscal year equal to or exceeding one hundred thousand dollars, the secretary of agriculture shall reduce the per ton fee provided for in subsection 1 for the next fiscal year in such amount as will result in an ending estimated balance of the fees deposited less costs paid for from those fees for June 30 of the next fiscal year of one hundred thousand dollars.

The secretary shall publish a report not later than January 1 of each year. The report shall provide a detailed accounting of all sources of revenue deposited under and all dispositions of funds expended under this section. The report shall detail full-time equivalent positions used in fulfilling the requirements of this chapter. The report shall also indicate to what extent any full-time equivalent positions are shared with other programs. Copies of the report issued by the secretary pursuant to this subsection shall be delivered each year to the members of the house of representatives and senate standing committees on agriculture.

Section History: Early form

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Section History: Recent form

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Referred to in § 198.8

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