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18.8 Capitol buildings and grounds---services.

The director shall provide necessary voice or data communications, including telephone and telegraph, lighting, fuel, and water services for the state buildings and grounds located at the seat of government, except the buildings and grounds referred to in section 216B.3, subsection 6.

The director shall establish, supervise, and maintain a central mail unit for the use of all state officials and agencies located at the seat of government. All state officials and agencies located at the seat of government shall be required to dispatch first and second class mail and parcel post mail, at the mail unit for the purpose of having the mail sealed, metered, and posted.

The director shall allow a department to seal, meter or stamp, and post mail directly from such department if it would be more efficient and economical.

Postage shall not be furnished to the general assembly, its members, officers, employees, or committees.

Except for buildings and grounds described in section 216B.3, subsection 6, and section 2.43, unnumbered paragraph 1, the director shall assign office space at the capitol, other state buildings and elsewhere in the city of Des Moines, for all executive and judicial state agencies. Assignments may be changed at any time. The various officers to whom rooms have been so assigned may control the same while the assignment to them is in force. Official apartments shall be used only for the purpose of conducting the business of the state. The term "capitol" or "capitol building" as used in the Code shall be descriptive of all buildings upon the capitol grounds. The capitol building itself is reserved for the operations of the general assembly, the governor and the courts and the assignment and use of physical facilities for the general assembly shall be pursuant to section 2.43.

The director shall appoint a superintendent of buildings and grounds, who shall serve at the pleasure of the director and is not governed by the merit system provisions of chapter 19A.

Section History: Early form

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Section History: Recent form

86 Acts, ch 1245, § 305; 88 Acts, ch 1158, § 3; 88 Acts, ch 1277, § 24; 96 Acts, ch 1085, §1

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