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155A.27 Requirements for prescription.

Each prescription drug order issued or filled in this state:

1. If written, shall contain:

a. The date of issue.

b. The name and address of the patient for whom, or the owner of the animal for which, the drug is dispensed.

c. The name, strength, and quantity of the drug, medicine, or device prescribed.

d. The directions for use of the drug, medicine, or device prescribed.

e. The name, address, and signature of the practitioner issuing the prescription.

f. The federal drug enforcement administration number, if required under chapter 124.

2. If oral, the practitioner issuing the prescription shall furnish the same information required for a written prescription, except for the written signature and address of the practitioner. Upon receipt of an oral prescription, the pharmacist shall promptly reduce the oral prescription to a written format by recording the information required in a written prescription.

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87 Acts, ch 215, § 27

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