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152B.7A Exceptions.

1. A person shall not practice respiratory care or represent oneself to be a respiratory care practitioner unless the person is licensed under this chapter.

2. This chapter does not prohibit any of the following:

a. The practice of respiratory care which is an integral part of the program of study by students enrolled in an accredited respiratory therapy training program approved by the board in those situations where that care is provided under the direct supervision of an appropriate clinical instructor recognized by the educational program.

b. Respiratory care services rendered in the course of an emergency.

c. Care administered in the course of assigned duties of persons in the military services.

3. This section is not intended to limit, preclude, or otherwise interfere with the practice of other health providers formally trained and licensed by this state who administer respiratory care procedures.

4. An individual who passes an examination that includes the content of one or more of the functions included in sections 152B.2 and 152B.3 shall not be prohibited from performing such procedures for which they were tested, as long as the testing body offering the examination is approved by the board.

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96 Acts, ch 1036, § 34

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