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152B.11 Continuing education.

After July 1, 1991, a respiratory care practitioner shall submit evidence satisfactory to the board that during the year preceding renewal of licensure the practitioner has completed continuing education courses as prescribed by the board. In lieu of the continuing education, a person may successfully complete the most current version of the licensure examination.

Persons who are not licensed under this chapter but who perform respiratory care as defined by sections 152B.2 and 152B.3 shall comply with the continuing education requirements of this section. The board shall adopt rules for the administration of this requirement.

Section History: Recent form

85 Acts, ch 151, §11 ~ICS85, § 135F.11 ~I90 Acts, ch 1193, § 6 ~IC93, § 152B.11 ~I95 Acts, ch 41, § 23; 96 Acts, ch 1036, § 36

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