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15.337 Waiver of program qualification requirements.

A community may request the waiver of the capital investment requirement or the requirement for number of positions created under section 15.329. However, in no event shall the minimum number of jobs created be less than fifteen or the minimum capital investment be less than three million dollars per application under the program. The department shall develop an appropriate formula of minimum jobs created and capital investment required per program application which can be authorized under the waiver. The department may grant a waiver for good cause shown and approve the program application.

As used in this section, "good cause shown" includes but is not limited to a demonstrated lack of growth in the community, a significant percentage of persons in the community who have incomes at or below the poverty level, community unemployment rate higher than the state average, a unique opportunity to use existing unutilized or underutilized facilities in the community, or an immediate threat posed to the community's workforce due to business downsizing or closure.

The department shall not grant a waiver under this section after June 30, 1998.

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96 Acts, ch 1199, §5

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