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135L.4 Prospective minor parents program advisory committee created.

1. A prospective minor parents program advisory committee is created which shall be composed of all of the following:

a. The following members appointed by the governor:

(1) A health care professional.

(2) A counselor, who has expertise in sexual abuse counseling.

(3) A representative of a child-placing agency other than a child-placing agency under the management or control of any division of the department of human services or any administrator of the department of human services.

(4) A juvenile court judge.

(5) A representative of a crisis pregnancy center.

(6) A representative of an abortion provider.

(7) A representative of an adolescent treatment program.

(8) A school nurse.

(9) A secondary school teacher.

(10) A parent.

(11) A person ordained or designated as a regular leader of a religious community.

(12) The director of public health, or the director's designee.

b. The following nonvoting members:

(1) Two members of the senate appointed by the majority leader of the senate after consultation with the minority leader of the senate.

(2) Two members of the house of representatives appointed by the speaker of the house after consultation with the majority leader and the minority leader of the house.

(3) The director of human services, or the director's designee.

(4) The director of the department of education, or the director's designee.

(5) A minor who is at least fourteen but less than eighteen years of age at the time of the appointment, appointed by the governor.

2. Representative associations of professionals and providers who are to be appointed to the advisory committee may submit a listing of nominees to the governor. The governor may consider the listings in appointing members to the advisory committee. The governor shall appoint members who represent a variety of philosophical views.

3. Members shall serve terms beginning on the date on which all members are initially appointed. Appointments shall comply with sections 69.16 and 69.16A. Vacancies shall be filled by the original appointing authority and in the manner of the original appointments.

4. Nonlegislative members shall receive actual expenses incurred while serving in their official capacity and may also be eligible to receive compensation as provided in section 7E.6. Legislative members shall receive compensation pursuant to section 2.10.

5. The committee shall select a chairperson, annually, from its membership. A majority of the voting members of the committee constitutes a quorum.

6. The advisory committee shall do all of the following:

a. Develop criteria for the selection of a person, through a request for proposals process or other contractual agreement, to develop the video described in this chapter. Following receipt of applications, or upon agreement of a simple majority of the voting members to a contractual agreement, the advisory committee shall also select the recipient of the contract for development of the video.

b. Develop criteria for information to be included in the video. The criteria shall, at a minimum, require that the person developing the video request input from a variety of interest groups and perspectives which have an interest in pregnancy-related issues and that the video present the various perspectives in an unbiased manner.

c. Develop a process for and provide for the distribution of the video and develop confidentiality requirements relating to the persons involved in viewing the video.

d. Promote use of the video and written decision-making materials through public service announcements and other media formats.

e. Provide ongoing evaluation of the prospective minor parents decision-making assistance program including evaluation of the video and written document and of the notification and waiver system, and make recommendations for improvement.

f. Receive input from the public regarding the program through the use of public hearings, focus groups, surveys, and other formats.

7. The committee, upon the advice of the Iowa department of public health, may receive gifts, grants, or donations for the purpose of implementing and continuing the program.

8. The advisory committee and the producer of the video shall attempt to complete and distribute the video for use not later than January 1, 1997.

9. The advisory committee shall submit a report to the general assembly on or before January 8, 1997, regarding the progress of the committee in completing the committee's duties regarding the development and distribution of the video.

10. The Iowa department of public health shall provide administrative support to the advisory committee.

Section History: Recent form

96 Acts, ch 1011, § 5


Future repeal of section; 96 Acts, ch 1011, § 15

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