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135.62 Department to administer division---health facilities council established---appointments---powers and duties.

1. This division shall be administered by the department. The director shall employ or cause to be employed the necessary persons to discharge the duties imposed on the department by this division.

2. There is established a state health facilities council consisting of five persons appointed by the governor. The council shall be within the department for administrative and budgetary purposes.

a. Qualifications. The members of the council shall be chosen so that the council as a whole is broadly representative of various geographical areas of the state, and no more than three of its members are affiliated with the same political party. Each council member shall be a person who has demonstrated by prior activities an informed concern for the planning and delivery of health services. No member of the council, nor any spouse of a member, shall during the time that member is serving on the council:

(1) Be a health care provider nor be otherwise directly or indirectly engaged in the delivery of health care services nor have a material financial interest in the providing or delivery of health services; nor

(2) Serve as a member of any board or other policymaking or advisory body of an institutional health facility, a health maintenance organization, or any health or hospital insurer.

b. Appointments. Terms of council members shall be six years, beginning and ending as provided in section 69.19. A member shall be appointed in each odd-numbered year to succeed each member whose term expires in that year. Vacancies shall be filled by the governor for the balance of the unexpired term. Each appointment to the council is subject to confirmation by the senate. A council member is ineligible for appointment to a second consecutive term, unless first appointed to an unexpired term of three years or less.

The governor shall designate one of the council members as chairperson. That designation may be changed not later than July 1 of any odd-numbered year, effective on the date of the organizational meeting held in that year under paragraph "c" of this subsection.

c. Meetings. The council shall hold an organizational meeting in July of each odd-numbered year, or as soon thereafter as the new appointee or appointees are confirmed and have qualified. Other meetings shall be held at least once each month, and may be held more frequently if necessary to enable the council to expeditiously discharge its duties. Meeting dates shall be set upon adjournment or by call of the chairperson upon five days' notice to the other members. Each member of the council shall receive a per diem as specified in section 7E.6 and reimbursement for actual expenses while engaged in official duties.

d. Duties. The council shall:

(1) Make the final decision, as required by section 135.69, with respect to each application for a certificate of need accepted by the department.

(2) Determine and adopt such policies as are authorized by law and are deemed necessary to the efficient discharge of its duties under this division.

(3) Have authority to direct staff personnel of the department assigned to conduct formal or summary reviews of applications for certificates of need.

(4) Advise and counsel with the director concerning the provisions of this division, and the policies and procedures adopted by the department pursuant to this division.

(5) Review and approve, prior to promulgation, all rules adopted by the department under this division.

Section History: Early form

[C79, 81, § 135.62]

Section History: Recent form

86 Acts, ch 1245, § 1109; 88 Acts, ch 1277, §26; 90 Acts, ch 1256, § 30; 91 Acts, ch 225, §2, 3


Confirmation, see § 2.32

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