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123.37 Exclusive power to license and levy taxes---disputed taxes.

The power to establish licenses and permits and levy taxes as imposed in chapter 123 is vested exclusively with the state. Unless specifically provided, a local authority shall not require the obtaining of a special license or permit for the sale of alcoholic beverages, wine, or beer at any establishment, or require the obtaining of a license by any person as a condition precedent to the person's employment in the sale, serving, or handling of alcoholic beverages, wine, or beer, within an establishment operating under a license or permit.

The administrator may compromise and settle doubtful and disputed claims for taxes imposed under this chapter or for taxes of doubtful collectibility, notwithstanding section 7D.9. The administrator may enter into informal settlements pursuant to section 17A.10 to compromise and settle doubtful and disputed claims for taxes imposed under this chapter. The administrator may make a claim under a licensee's or permittee's penal bond for taxes of doubtful collectibility. Whenever a compromise or settlement is made, the administrator shall make a complete record of the case showing the tax assessed, reports and audits, if any, the licensee's or permittee's grounds for dispute or contest, together with all evidence of the dispute or contest, and the amounts, conditions, and settlement or compromise of the dispute or contest.

A licensee or permittee who disputes the amount of tax imposed must pay all tax and penalty pertaining to the disputed tax liability prior to appealing the disputed tax liability to the administrator.

The administrator shall adopt rules establishing procedures for payment of disputed taxes imposed under this chapter. If it is determined that the tax is not due in whole or in part, the division shall promptly refund the part of the tax payment which is determined not to be due.

Section History: Early form

[C73, 75, 77, 79, 81, § 123.37]

Section History: Recent form

85 Acts, ch 32, §30; 88 Acts, ch 1153, § 2; 89 Acts, ch 252, § 1; 93 Acts, ch 91, § 15; 94 Acts, ch 1023, §9

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