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10A.104 Powers and duties of the director.

The director or designees of the director shall:

1. Coordinate the internal operations of the department and develop and implement policies and procedures designed to ensure the efficient administration of the department.

2. Appoint the administrators of the divisions within the department and all other personnel deemed necessary for the administration of this chapter, except the state public defender, assistant state public defenders, administrator of the racing and gaming commission, members of the employment appeal board, and administrator of the state citizen foster care review board. All persons appointed and employed in the department are covered by the provisions of chapter 19A, but persons not appointed by the director are exempt from the merit system provisions of chapter 19A.

3. Prepare an annual budget for the department.

4. Develop and recommend legislative proposals deemed necessary for the continued efficiency of department functions, and review legislative proposals generated outside of the department which are related to matters within the department's purview.

5. Adopt rules deemed necessary for the implementation and administration of this chapter in accordance with chapter 17A, including rules governing hearing and appeal proceedings.

6. Issue subpoenas and distress warrants, administer oaths, and take depositions in connection with audits, appeals, investigations, inspections, and hearings conducted by the department. If a person refuses to obey a subpoena or distress warrant issued by the department or otherwise fails to cooperate in proceedings of the department, the director may enlist the assistance of a court of competent jurisdiction in requiring the person's compliance. Failure to obey orders of the court renders the person in contempt of the court and subject to penalties provided for that offense.

7. Enter into contracts for the receipt and provision of services as deemed necessary. The director and the governor may obtain and accept federal grants and receipts to or for the state to be used for the administration of this chapter.

8. Establish by rule standards and procedures for certifying that targeted small businesses are eligible to participate in the procurement set-aside program established in sections 73.15 through 73.21. The procedure for determination of eligibility shall not include self-certification by a business. Rules and guidelines adopted pursuant to this subsection are subject to review and approval by the director of the department of management. The director shall maintain a current directory of targeted small businesses which have been certified pursuant to this subsection.

9. Administer and enforce this chapter, and chapters 99B, 135B, 135C, 135G, 135H, 135J, 137A, 137B, 137C, 137D, and 137E.

10. Enter into and implement agreements or compacts between the state of Iowa and Indian tribes located in the state which are entered into under the authority of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (25 U.S.C. § 2701 et seq.). The agreements or compacts shall contain provisions intended to implement the policies and objectives of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

Section History: Recent form

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Internal References

Referred to in § 12.43, 15.108, 73.16

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