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Senate Concurrent Resolution 10

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  1  2                       BY  TINSMAN
  1  3 A Concurrent Resolution designating the Iowa tartan
  1  4    and the Iowa dress tartan as the official state
  1  5    tartan.
  1  6    WHEREAS, Tartan Day has been recognized and
  1  7 celebrated on April 6 since 1999 to commemorate the
  1  8 signing of the Declaration of Arbroath that inspired
  1  9 the United States Declaration of Independence and to
  1 10 recognize the contributions of the people of Scottish
  1 11 and Scots-Irish heritage to the United States and
  1 12 Iowa; and
  1 13    WHEREAS, twenty states, the United States, all of
  1 14 the Canadian provinces, some of the American military
  1 15 forces, and several cities in the United States have
  1 16 adopted their own tartan which can be worn by anyone
  1 17 of any nationality, known as district tartans; and
  1 18    WHEREAS, Iowa has a rich history of Scottish
  1 19 influence in the founding of towns, cities, and
  1 20 counties; and that history is reflected in place names
  1 21 and celebrations throughout Iowa; and
  1 22    WHEREAS, Iowans of Scottish and Scots-Irish descent
  1 23 have shown leadership in the fields of science,
  1 24 industry, literature, politics, exploration, and
  1 25 conservation; and
  1 26    WHEREAS, the Scottish community had input into the
  1 27 creation of the Iowa tartan and Iowa dress tartan; and
  1 28    WHEREAS, the colors chosen for the Iowa tartan were
  1 29 chosen to symbolize Iowa:  blue for the sky, our
  1 30 rivers and lakes; green for the fields our farmers
  2  1 plant; black for the rich soil with which we are
  2  2 blessed; white for snow; red for barns and the state
  2  3 flower, the wild rose; brown for the earth; and yellow
  2  4 for corn and the state bird, the goldfinch; and
  2  5    WHEREAS, the Scottish Tartan Authority requires
  2  6 legislative action by a state to register a tartan as
  2  7 a state tartan; and
  2  8    WHEREAS, the Iowa Scottish Heritage Society
  2  9 initiated the creation of the state tartans as gifts
  2 10 for all of the people of Iowa to symbolize the nature,
  2 11 qualities, and beauty of Iowa and as a symbol of unity
  2 12 and all that weaves us together as Iowans; NOW
  2 15 REPRESENTATIVES CONCURRING, That the General Assembly
  2 16 recommends adoption of the designs submitted by the
  2 17 Iowa Scottish Heritage Society as the Iowa tartan and
  2 18 the Iowa dress tartan as the official Iowa tartan; and
  2 19    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the editor of the Iowa
  2 20 Official Register shall include an appropriate
  2 21 photograph illustrating the Iowa tartan and the Iowa
  2 22 dress tartan, accompanied by suitable text, in the
  2 23 section of the register devoted to official state
  2 24 symbols.  
  2 25 LSB 2723SS 80
  2 26 pf/cf/24

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