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Senate Resolution 40

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Bill Text

  1  1               SENATE RESOLUTION NO. ____
  1  3 A Senate Resolution honoring Senator John Jensen for
  1  4    his dedication to restoring the Iowa State Capitol
  1  5    to its original beauty and grace.
  1  6    WHEREAS, Senator John Jensen has been a respected
  1  7 member of the Iowa Senate for almost six terms; and
  1  8    WHEREAS, Senator Jensen has exhibited an
  1  9 extraordinary sense of pride in the magnificent Iowa
  1 10 State Capitol; and
  1 11    WHEREAS, this pride has been demonstrated by
  1 12 conducting extensive "fifty-cent tours" for visitors,
  1 13 legislators, and state employees to every corner of
  1 14 the State Capitol; and
  1 15    WHEREAS, this pride can be warmly experienced by
  1 16 any person who inquires into any aspect of the State
  1 17 Capitol; and
  1 18    WHEREAS, Senator Jensen has made the restoration,
  1 19 conservation, and preservation of the Iowa State
  1 20 Capitol his personal and professional mission during
  1 21 his tenure in the Iowa Senate; and
  1 22    WHEREAS, Senator Jensen's devotion to the State
  1 23 Capitol has included service as chairperson and vice
  1 24 chairperson of the Capital Projects Committee of the
  1 25 Legislative Council and cochairperson of the Joint
  1 26 Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation,
  1 27 Infrastructure and Capitals, as well as service on the
  1 28 Capitol Planning Commission and the Capital Projects
  1 29 Workgroup and charter membership in the Friends of
  1 30 Capitol Hill Inc.; and
  2  1    WHEREAS, Senator Jensen has raised public and
  2  2 private funds for the purpose of returning the State
  2  3 Capitol to grandeur without any regard to self-
  2  4 interest; and
  2  5    WHEREAS, the members of the Senate and the citizens
  2  6 of Iowa sincerely appreciate the pride, devotion, and
  2  7 hard work exhibited by Senator Jensen in the grand
  2  8 effort to restore the State Capitol; NOW THEREFORE,
  2  9    BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE, That the Senate
  2 10 extends its congratulations to Senator Jensen on the
  2 11 completion of an eighteen-year effort to restore the
  2 12 exterior of the Iowa State Capitol to its original
  2 13 beauty and grace and honors the dedication of Senator
  2 14 Jensen to this effort and to the continued renovation
  2 15 and restoration of the interior of the State Capitol.  
  2 16 LSB 3626XS 79
  2 17 nh/pj/5

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