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Senate File 474

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  1  1    Section 1.  Section 34A.7, subsection 2, Code 2001, is
  1  2 amended to read as follows:
  1  3    2.  SURCHARGE COLLECTED BY PROVIDERS.  The surcharge shall
  1  4 be collected as part of the access line service provider's
  1  5 periodic billing to a subscriber.  In compensation for the
  1  6 costs of billing and collection, the provider may retain one
  1  7 percent of the gross surcharges collected.  If the
  1  8 compensation is insufficient to fully recover a provider's
  1  9 costs for billing and collection of the surcharge, the
  1 10 deficiency shall be included in the provider's costs for
  1 11 ratemaking purposes to the extent it is reasonable and just
  1 12 under section 476.6.  The surcharge shall be remitted to the
  1 13 E911 service operating authority for deposit into the E911
  1 14 service fund quarterly by the provider.  The surcharges may be
  1 15 combined and remitted together by the provider so long as the
  1 16 remitted surcharges are accompanied by a report which contains
  1 17 the following information:
  1 18    a.  Exchange from which each surcharge was collected.
  1 19    b.  Number of lines to which the surcharge was applied that
  1 20 quarter.
  1 21    c.  Number of refusals to pay the surcharge in each
  1 22 exchange.
  1 23    d.  Number of write-offs applied in each exchange.
  1 24    e.  Number of exempt federal facilities in each exchange.
  1 25    f.  Amount of the one percent administration fee for
  1 26 billing and collection costs retained by the provider.
  1 27    PARAGRAPH DIVIDED.  A provider is not liable for an
  1 28 uncollected surcharge for which the provider has billed a
  1 29 subscriber but not been paid.  The surcharge shall appear as a
  1 30 single line item on a subscriber's periodic billing entitled,
  1 31 "E911 emergency telephone service surcharge".  The E911
  1 32 service surcharge is not subject to sales or use tax.
  1 33    Sec. 2.  Section 34A.8, subsection 2, Code 2001, is amended
  1 34 to read as follows:
  1 35    2.  Subscriber information remains the property of the
  2  1 local exchange service provider.
  2  2    The joint E911 service board, the designated E911 provider,
  2  3 and the public safety answering point, their agents,
  2  4 employees, and assigns shall use local exchange service
  2  5 information, including information collected by the access
  2  6 line service provider pursuant to section 34A.7, subsection 2,
  2  7 paragraphs "a" through "f", and provided by the local exchange
  2  8 service provider solely for the purposes of providing E911
  2  9 emergency telephone service, and it shall otherwise be kept
  2 10 confidential.  A person who violates this section is guilty of
  2 11 a simple misdemeanor.
  2 12    This chapter does not require a local exchange service
  2 13 provider to sell or provide its subscriber names, addresses,
  2 14 or telephone number information to any person other than the
  2 15 E911 service provider designated by the joint E911 service
  2 16 board.  
  2 17                           EXPLANATION
  2 18    This bill provides that E911 surcharges that are billed and
  2 19 collected by a provider and remitted to the E911 service
  2 20 operating authority must be reported in a standard format
  2 21 which contains information concerning the exchange from which
  2 22 the surcharge was collected, the number of lines to which the
  2 23 surcharge was applied that quarter, the number of refusals to
  2 24 pay the surcharge in each exchange, the number of write-offs
  2 25 applied in each exchange, the number of exempt federal
  2 26 facilities in each exchange, and the amount of the 1 percent
  2 27 administration fee for the costs of billing and collecting the
  2 28 surcharges that was retained by the provider.
  2 29    The bill also requires that information collected by the
  2 30 access line service providers for the report pursuant to Code
  2 31 section 34A.7, subsection 2, paragraphs "a" through "f" be
  2 32 used only to provide E911 service and otherwise be kept
  2 33 confidential.  
  2 34 LSB 2292SV 79
  2 35 av/cf/24

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