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House File 2459

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  1  1    Section 1.  Section 392.6, unnumbered paragraph 6, Code
  1  2 2001, is amended to read as follows:
  1  3    The board of trustees shall be vested with authority to
  1  4 provide for the management manage, control, govern, and
  1  5 government exercise ownership of the operations and real
  1  6 estate of the city hospital or health care facility
  1  7 established as permitted by this section, and shall provide
  1  8 all needed rules for the economic conduct thereof and shall
  1  9 annually prepare a condensed statement of the total receipts
  1 10 and expenditures for the hospital or health care facility and
  1 11 cause the same to be published in a newspaper of general
  1 12 circulation in the city in which the hospital or health care
  1 13 facility is located.  In the management of the hospital or
  1 14 health care facility no discrimination shall be made against
  1 15 practitioners of any school of medicine recognized by the laws
  1 16 of the state.
  1 17    Sec. 2.  Section 392.6, Code 2001, is amended by adding the
  1 18 following new unnumbered paragraphs after unnumbered paragraph
  1 19 7:
  1 20    NEW UNNUMBERED PARAGRAPH.  A board of trustees shall not
  1 21 dispose of an interest in real property by sale, lease for a
  1 22 term of more than three years, or gift, except in accordance
  1 23 with the following procedure:
  1 24    1.  The board shall set forth its proposal in a resolution
  1 25 and shall publish notice as provided in section 362.3, of the
  1 26 resolution and of a date, time, and place of a public hearing
  1 27 on the proposal.
  1 28    2.  After the public hearing, the board may make a final
  1 29 determination on the proposal by resolution.
  1 30    3.  A board of trustees shall not dispose of real property
  1 31 by gift except to a governmental body for a public purpose.
  1 32    NEW UNNUMBERED PARAGRAPH.  The proceeds of such sale may
  1 33 only be applied for the retirement of bonds or other
  1 34 indebtedness issued and outstanding in connection with the
  1 35 purchase of the property sold or in connection with operation
  2  1 of the hospital or health care facility or for repairs or
  2  2 improvements to property owned or for the purchase or lease of
  2  3 equipment as the board of trustees may determine.  If all of
  2  4 the property essential to the operation of the city hospital
  2  5 or health care facility is offered for sale by the board of
  2  6 trustees, the board shall not sell such property for an amount
  2  7 that is less than the amount of bonds or other indebtedness
  2  8 issued and outstanding at the time of the sale.  
  2  9 HF 2459
  2 10 sc/es/25

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