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House File 2377

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  1  1    Section 1.  Section 8.36A, Code 2001, is amended to read as
  1  2 follows:
  1  4    1.  For purposes of making appropriations and financial
  1  5 reports and as used in appropriations statutes, "full-time
  1  6 equivalent position" means a budgeting and monitoring unit
  1  7 that equates the aggregate of full-time positions, part-time
  1  8 positions, a vacancy and turnover factor, and other
  1  9 adjustments.  One full-time equivalent position represents two
  1 10 thousand eighty working hours, which is the regular number of
  1 11 hours one full-time person works in one fiscal year.  The
  1 12 number of full-time equivalent positions shall be calculated
  1 13 by totaling the regular number of hours that could be annually
  1 14 worked by persons in all authorized positions, reducing those
  1 15 hours by a vacancy and turnover factor and dividing that
  1 16 amount by two thousand eighty hours.  In order to achieve the
  1 17 full-time equivalent position level, the number of filled
  1 18 positions may exceed the number of full-time equivalent
  1 19 positions during parts of the fiscal year to compensate for
  1 20 time periods when the number of filled positions is below the
  1 21 authorized number of full-time equivalent positions.
  1 22    2.  If a department or establishment has reached or
  1 23 anticipates reaching the full-time equivalent position level
  1 24 authorized for the department but determines that conversion
  1 25 of a contract position to a full-time equivalent position
  1 26 would result in cost savings while providing comparable or
  1 27 better services, the department or establishment may request
  1 28 the director of the department of management to approve the
  1 29 conversion and addition of the full-time equivalent position.
  1 30 The request shall be accompanied by evidence demonstrating how
  1 31 the cost savings and service quality will be achieved through
  1 32 the conversion.  If approved by the director of the department
  1 33 of management, the department or establishment's authorized
  1 34 full-time equivalent position level shall be increased
  1 35 accordingly and the revised level shall be reported to the
  2  1 fiscal committee of the legislative council.  
  2  2                           EXPLANATION
  2  3    This bill relates to the level of full-time equivalent
  2  4 (FTE) positions authorized for executive branch agencies by
  2  5 allowing an agency to request permission from the director of
  2  6 the department of management to exceed the authorized level in
  2  7 order to convert a contract position to an FTE position.
  2  8 Evidence is required to show that the conversion will result
  2  9 in cost savings and comparable or better services.  If the
  2 10 director approves, the agency's authorized level of FTE
  2 11 positions is increased and the increase is reported to the
  2 12 fiscal committee of the legislative council.  
  2 13 LSB 5567HV 79
  2 14 jp/sh/8

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