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  1  1    Section 1.  Section 99D.6, Code 2001, is amended to read as
  1  2 follows:
  1  4 – BOND.
  1  5    The commission shall elect in July of each year one of its
  1  6 members chairperson for the succeeding year.  The commission
  1  7 governor shall appoint an administrator of the commission
  1  8 subject to confirmation by the senate.  The administrator
  1  9 shall serve a four-year term.  The term shall begin and end in
  1 10 the same manner as set forth in section 69.19.  A vacancy
  1 11 shall be filled for the unexpired portion of the term in the
  1 12 same manner as a full-term appointment is made.  The
  1 13 administrator may hire other assistants and employees as
  1 14 necessary to carry out the commission's duties.  Some or all
  1 15 of the information required of applicants in section 99D.8A,
  1 16 subsections 1 and 2, may also be required of employees of the
  1 17 commission if the commission deems it necessary.  The
  1 18 administrator shall keep a record of the proceedings of the
  1 19 commission, and preserve the books, records, and documents
  1 20 entrusted to the administrator's care.  The commission
  1 21 governor shall require the administrator to post a bond in a
  1 22 sum it the governor may fix, conditioned upon the faithful
  1 23 performance of the administrator's duties.  Subject to the
  1 24 approval of the governor, the commission The governor shall
  1 25 fix the compensation of the administrator within the salary
  1 26 range as set by the general assembly.  The commission shall
  1 27 have its headquarters in the city of Des Moines, and shall
  1 28 meet in July of each year and at other times and places as it
  1 29 finds necessary for the discharge of its duties.  
  1 30                           EXPLANATION
  1 31    This bill provides that the administrator of the state
  1 32 racing and gaming commission shall be appointed by the
  1 33 governor with the consent of the senate.  The governor shall
  1 34 also set the amount of the administrator's fidelity bond and
  1 35 the administrator's annual compensation.  
  2  1 LSB 1692HH 79
  2  2 tj/gg/8

Text: HF00460                           Text: HF00462
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