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House Concurrent Resolution 122

Partial Bill History

Bill Text

  1  2                     BY  WILDERDYKE
  1  3 A Concurrent Resolution requesting the Supreme Court
  1  4    to implement a review and development of options to
  1  5    improve performance of guardian ad litem duties.
  1  6    WHEREAS, guardians ad litem have an important role
  1  7 in protecting the best interest of a child in need of
  1  8 assistance, a child involved in a delinquency
  1  9 proceeding, or a child involved in another proceeding
  1 10 under the juvenile justice code; and
  1 11    WHEREAS, it has been suggested that the delivery of
  1 12 guardian ad litem services can be improved; NOW
  1 15 SENATE CONCURRING, That the Supreme Court is requested
  1 16 to direct the Iowa Court Improvement Project to review
  1 17 and develop options to improve performance of guardian
  1 18 ad litem duties; and
  1 19    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the review should
  1 20 consider other appropriate entities that may perform
  1 21 the duties of a guardian ad litem and examine the
  1 22 benefits and limitations of the particular options and
  1 23 entities considered and identify any associated costs;
  1 24 and
  1 25    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That as part of considering
  1 26 other appropriate entities, the improvement project
  1 27 should also examine the satisfaction of children,
  1 28 parents, foster parents, and others with the Court
  1 29 Appointed Special Advocate Program volunteers serving
  1 30 as guardians ad litem in Buena Vista, Cherokee,
  2  1 Monona, Plymouth, and Woodbury counties; and
  2  2    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That other options
  2  3 considered in the review should include raising
  2  4 guardian ad litem payment amounts and enforcing the
  2  5 fulfillment of the legal responsibilities of guardians
  2  6 ad litem by creating consequences for guardians ad
  2  7 litem who do not fulfill the responsibilities; and
  2  8    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the project's report,
  2  9 including findings and recommendations, should be
  2 10 reported to the Supreme Court, the Governor, and the
  2 11 General Assembly on or before December 16, 2002.  
  2 12 LSB 7142HH 79
  2 13 jp/sh/8

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