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House File 2292

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  1  2 legislative council is requested to establish an interim study
  1  3 committee consisting of legislators and public members and, as
  1  4 an ex officio, nonvoting member, the director of the
  1  5 department of education, or the director's designee.  The
  1  6 purpose of the study is to thoroughly review the mission,
  1  7 structure, responsiveness, and funding of the area education
  1  8 agencies.  The review shall include but not be limited to the
  1  9 fiscal policies and types of services provided by area
  1 10 education agencies, with a focus on whether access to those
  1 11 services is equitable statewide and on the capacity of the
  1 12 public and private sectors to provide those services.  The
  1 13 director of the department of education shall provide the
  1 14 committee with an update on the accreditation process, which
  1 15 the general assembly required the department to establish
  1 16 effective July 1, 1997.  The committee shall evaluate area
  1 17 education agency efforts to assist schools in incorporating
  1 18 accountability for student achievement into the standards and
  1 19 accreditation process as required under section 256.7,
  1 20 subsection 21; evaluate area education agency effectiveness in
  1 21 improving instruction and student achievement; evaluate the
  1 22 adequacy of resources available to area education agencies to
  1 23 provide the assistance to school districts as required of area
  1 24 education agencies under the Code; and consider any changes
  1 25 needed to improve the efforts and effectiveness of the area
  1 26 education agencies.  The committee shall also explore
  1 27 opportunities for coordinating the media services provided by
  1 28 the area education agencies, public libraries, and the
  1 29 regional libraries.  The committee shall submit a report of
  1 30 its findings and recommendations for restructuring the area
  1 31 education agency system to better serve schools within the
  1 32 system's mission to the chairpersons and ranking members of
  1 33 the senate and house standing committees on education and the
  1 34 joint appropriations subcommittee on education by December 1,
  1 35 2001.  
  2  1 HF 2292
  2  2 kh/jg/25

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