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Senate Study Bill 2206

Bill Text

  1  1    Section 1.  Section 321G.7, unnumbered paragraph 2, Code
  1  2 1997, is amended to read as follows:
  1  3    The department shall remit the fees to the treasurer of
  1  4 state, who shall place the money in a special conservation
  1  5 fund.  The special conservation fund shall include moneys
  1  6 deposited in the fund as provided in section 452A.79 and
  1  7 moneys transferred to the fund pursuant to section 452A.83.
  1  8 The money is appropriated to the department for the all-
  1  9 terrain vehicle and snowmobile programs of the state.  All-
  1 10 terrain vehicle fees shall be used only for all-terrain
  1 11 vehicle programs and snowmobile fees shall be used only for
  1 12 snowmobile programs.  Joint programs shall be supported from
  1 13 both types of fees on a usage basis.  The all-terrain vehicle
  1 14 and snowmobile programs shall include grants, subgrants,
  1 15 contracts, or cost-sharing of all-terrain vehicle and
  1 16 snowmobile programs with political subdivisions or
  1 17 incorporated private organizations or both in accordance with
  1 18 rules adopted by the commission.  All all-terrain vehicle
  1 19 programs using cost-sharing, grants, subgrants, or contracts
  1 20 shall establish and implement a safety instruction program
  1 21 either singly or in cooperation with other all-terrain vehicle
  1 22 programs.  At least fifty percent of the special fund shall be
  1 23 available for political subdivisions or incorporated private
  1 24 organizations or both.  Moneys from the special fund not used
  1 25 by the political subdivisions or incorporated private
  1 26 organizations or both shall remain in the all-terrain vehicle
  1 27 or snowmobile accounts.  The department may use funds from
  1 28 these accounts for the administration of the all-terrain
  1 29 vehicle and snowmobile programs.
  1 30    Sec. 2.  Section 452A.79, Code 1997, is amended by adding
  1 31 the following new unnumbered paragraph:
  1 32    NEW UNNUMBERED PARAGRAPH.  All moneys derived from the
  1 33 excise tax on the sale of motor fuel used in all-terrain
  1 34 vehicles and snowmobiles shall be deposited in the special
  1 35 conservation fund established under section 321G.7.
  2  1    Sec. 3.  NEW SECTION.  452A.83  TRANSFER TO SPECIAL
  2  3    The treasurer of state shall transfer from the motor fuel
  2  4 tax fund to the special conservation fund established under
  2  5 section 321G.7 that portion of the moneys collected under this
  2  6 chapter which are attributable to motor fuel used in all-
  2  7 terrain vehicles and snowmobiles, computed as follows:
  2  8    1.  Determine annually, during the first full business week
  2  9 in April, the total number of all-terrain vehicles and
  2 10 snowmobiles which are registered in the state.
  2 11    2.  Multiply the product of the total number of registered
  2 12 all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles and eighty-eight and
  2 13 seven-tenths gallons times the amount of the excise tax
  2 14 charged per gallon of motor fuel to obtain the total amount of
  2 15 excise tax paid on all-terrain vehicle and snowmobile fuel.
  2 16    3.  Subtract from the total amount of excise tax paid on
  2 17 all-terrain vehicle and snowmobile fuel an amount which
  2 18 represents three percent of the total tax paid on all-terrain
  2 19 vehicle and snowmobile fuel, for payment of the administrative
  2 20 costs, which shall be allocated to the department of natural
  2 21 resources for administration of all-terrain vehicle and
  2 22 snowmobile programs.  
  2 23                           EXPLANATION
  2 24    This bill requires that revenue generated from the
  2 25 imposition of the excise tax on the motor fuel used by all-
  2 26 terrain vehicles and snowmobiles be deposited in the special
  2 27 conservation fund.  The special conservation fund is used by
  2 28 the department of natural resources for all-terrain vehicle
  2 29 and snowmobile programs.  All-terrain vehicle and snowmobile
  2 30 programs are currently funded through all-terrain vehicle and
  2 31 snowmobile registration fees.  The funds that are generated by
  2 32 the excise tax on all-terrain vehicle and snowmobile motor
  2 33 fuel are currently being deposited in the motor fuel tax fund.
  2 34 A formula for calculation of the amount of revenue
  2 35 attributable to motor fuel consumption by all-terrain vehicles
  3  1 and snowmobiles is also contained in the bill.  
  3  2 LSB 4371SC 77
  3  3 mg/jl/8

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