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Senate Study Bill 2130

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  1  1    Section 1.  Section 232.190, Code 1997, is amended to read
  1  2 as follows:
  1  4    1.  A community grant fund is established in the state
  1  5 treasury under the control of the division of criminal and
  1  6 juvenile justice planning of the department of human rights
  1  7 for the purposes of awarding grants under this section.  The
  1  8 criminal and juvenile justice planning advisory council and
  1  9 the juvenile justice advisory council shall assist the
  1 10 division in administering grants awarded under this section.
  1 11 The department departments of education, human services,
  1 12 public health, and public safety, and the governor's alliance
  1 13 on substance abuse shall advise the division on programs which
  1 14 meet the grant application and selection criteria established
  1 15 for grant recipients and performance measures for the program.
  1 16 Not more than five percent of the moneys appropriated to the
  1 17 fund shall be used for administrative purposes.
  1 18    2.  A city, county, or entity organized under chapter 28E
  1 19 may apply to the department division for a grant on a matching
  1 20 basis to fund juvenile crime prevention programs.  The match
  1 21 may come be obtained from funds provided to the city, county,
  1 22 or entity organized under chapter 28E from private sources,
  1 23 other state programs, or federal programs.  A city, county, or
  1 24 entity organized under chapter 28E applying for a grant under
  1 25 this section is encouraged to seek matching funds from, but
  1 26 not limited to, the Iowa finance authority, the governor's
  1 27 alliance on substance abuse, and under the state and federal
  1 28 community reinvestment Acts.  Applications shall state
  1 29 specific outcomes sought to be obtained under a program funded
  1 30 by a grant under this section.  The division shall adopt rules
  1 31 establishing required matching fund levels that progressively
  1 32 increase as applicants receive a second or subsequent year of
  1 33 consecutive funding through the community grant fund.  The
  1 34 division shall not accept an application for a fourth or
  1 35 subsequent consecutive year of funding.  However, cities,
  2  1 counties, or entities organized under chapter 28E receiving
  2  2 grants prior to July 1, 1998, may apply and receive funding
  2  3 for an additional two consecutive years beyond the effective
  2  4 date of this Act.
  2  5    3.  Programs awarded Applications for moneys from the
  2  6 community grant fund shall involve contain a definition of the
  2  7 geographical boundaries of the site chosen to benefit from the
  2  8 moneys and shall demonstrate a collaborative effort by all
  2  9 children and family support relevant local government and
  2 10 school officials and service providers to provide services and
  2 11 agencies with authority, responsibilities, or other interests
  2 12 within the chosen site.  Proposed plans set forth in the
  2 13 applications shall reflect a community-wide consensus in how
  2 14 to remediate community problems related to juvenile crime and
  2 15 may include programs dealing with truancy which involve school
  2 16 district and community partnerships, and programs involving
  2 17 judicial district community-based corrections programs shall
  2 18 describe how the moneys will be used in a manner consistent
  2 19 with the human investment strategy of the state as developed
  2 20 pursuant to section 8A.1.  Services provided under the
  2 21 programs a grant through this program shall be comprehensive
  2 22 and utilize flexible delivery systems.  The department of
  2 23 human services division shall establish a point system for
  2 24 determining eligibility for grants from the fund based upon
  2 25 the nature and breadth of the proposed community juvenile
  2 26 crime prevention programs plans and the extent to which a
  2 27 community has sought to obtain additional public and private
  2 28 funding sources for all or parts of the community's program
  2 29 the proposals include viable plans to sustain the funding and
  2 30 local governance of the proposed juvenile crime prevention
  2 31 services and activities following the proposed grant period.
  2 32    4.  The division shall provide potential applicants for
  2 33 grant moneys with information describing performance measures
  2 34 for this program and shall establish a monitoring system for
  2 35 this program that requires participating cities, counties, and
  3  1 entities organized under chapter 28E to report information
  3  2 with which to measure program performance.  The division shall
  3  3 solicit input from cities, counties, and service-providing
  3  4 agencies regarding the establishment of program performance
  3  5 measures and the structure of the program monitoring system.
  3  6 Applications for grant moneys shall state specific results
  3  7 sought to be obtained by any service or activity funded by a
  3  8 grant under this section and shall describe how their desired
  3  9 results are related to the program's performance measures.
  3 10    4. 5.  This section is repealed effective June 30, 1998.
  3 11 The division of criminal and juvenile justice planning and the
  3 12 department of human services shall submit a an annual report
  3 13 to the general assembly by January 15, 1998, regarding the
  3 14 program's performance measures and the effectiveness of the
  3 15 programs services and activities funded under this section in
  3 16 meeting the objectives contained in subsection 3.  
  3 17                           EXPLANATION
  3 18    This bill provides for several changes regarding the
  3 19 administration and use of the community grant fund for
  3 20 juvenile crime prevention programs.  The bill provides that
  3 21 the departments of education, human services, public health,
  3 22 and public safety, together with the governor's alliance on
  3 23 substance abuse, shall advise the criminal and juvenile
  3 24 justice division of the department of human rights regarding
  3 25 the use of community grant funds.  Currently, only the
  3 26 department of human services serves in this advisory capacity.
  3 27 The bill provides for a three-year limitation regarding the
  3 28 number of consecutive years new grant applicants may receive
  3 29 community grant funding and provides that the division shall
  3 30 adopt rules for local matching fund levels that progressively
  3 31 increase as applicants receive a second or subsequent year of
  3 32 consecutive funding.  The bill also provides that local match
  3 33 funds are no longer required to be from funds provided to the
  3 34 applicant and deletes reference to several potential sources
  3 35 of matching funds.  The bill provides that applicants must
  4  1 specify the geographical boundaries of the sites chosen to
  4  2 benefit from community grant funds and that relevant local
  4  3 government, service agencies, and school officials are
  4  4 required to be involved in the planning and implementation of
  4  5 grant-funded efforts.  The bill additionally provides that
  4  6 applicants shall be required to describe how their proposed
  4  7 local plans correlate to the state's human investment strategy
  4  8 and that grant review criteria will be, in part, based on the
  4  9 applicants' plans to sustain their efforts after the grant has
  4 10 ended.  Further, the bill provides that the division shall be
  4 11 required to establish performance measures through a
  4 12 participatory process involving state and local officials and
  4 13 agencies and that grant recipients shall report how the
  4 14 progress of their varied activities and services are related
  4 15 to the statewide performance measures.  Finally, the bill
  4 16 deletes a sunset provision regarding the existence of the
  4 17 community grant fund.  The sunset provision currently provides
  4 18 that the grant fund would be abolished effective July 1, 1998.  
  4 19 LSB 3260DP 77
  4 20 rn/sc/14.1

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