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Senate Study Bill 256

Bill Text

  1  1              SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. ___
  1  3                     BY CHAIRPERSON RENSINK)
  1  4 A Concurrent Resolution requesting that the United States
  1  5    government take all actions necessary in order to
  1  6    prevent further concentration and vertical integration
  1  7    in the livestock industry.
  1  8    WHEREAS, agriculture has traditionally represented the
  1  9 foundation of this nation's economic prosperity, providing a
  1 10 system unmatched in the world for the abundant and affordable
  1 11 production of food, feed grains, and animal products, which
  1 12 maintains this nation's people and contributes billions of
  1 13 dollars in revenue each year from export sales; and
  1 14    WHEREAS, the production and processing of livestock
  1 15 represents a key component of this nation's prosperity, by
  1 16 providing numerous value-added food and other products upon
  1 17 which this nation depends; and
  1 18    WHEREAS, there is a trend toward increasing concentration
  1 19 and vertical integration in the livestock industry, as
  1 20 evidenced by the cattle industry where three firms account for
  1 21 almost eighty percent of all fed cattle slaughtered in the
  1 22 United States and less than one percent of cattle feeders
  1 23 account for forty-five percent of all head sold; and
  1 24    WHEREAS, state attorneys general play a significant role in
  1 25 fostering full and free competition in the United States
  1 26 economy through the enforcement of federal and state antitrust
  1 27 laws; and
  1 28    WHEREAS, Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller and the state
  1 29 attorneys general of Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida,
  1 30 Idaho, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska,
  1 31 Nevada, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas,
  1 32 Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin have
  1 33 expressed strong concern regarding this trend toward
  1 34 concentration and vertical integration in the livestock
  1 35 industry; and
  2  1    WHEREAS, the states attorneys general recommend that the
  2  2 United States Department of Agriculture implement the
  2  3 recommendations of a special departmental advisory committee
  2  4 considering this issue and taking other actions which promote
  2  5 competition in the livestock industry; and
  2  6    WHEREAS, on November 20, 1996, Iowa Attorney General Tom
  2  7 Miller, serving as chair of the Antitrust Committee of the
  2  8 National Association of Attorneys General, and nineteen other
  2  9 state attorneys general urged the United States Secretary of
  2 10 Agriculture and the United States Congress to take a variety
  2 11 of actions required to promote competition in the livestock
  2 12 industry; NOW THEREFORE,
  2 14 CONCURRING, That the United States Department of Agriculture
  2 15 is urged to take actions recommended by the state attorneys
  2 16 general, including providing for greater disclosure of
  2 17 important marketing information in order to shed light on
  2 18 anticompetitive practices; reporting captive supply
  2 19 arrangements; developing a value-based pricing system to
  2 20 provide producers with consistent and accurate information
  2 21 concerning premiums and discounts based on grade, yield, and
  2 22 weight of carcasses; improving reporting of the disparity
  2 23 between prices received by producers and prices paid by
  2 24 consumers; closely examining mergers and consolidations in the
  2 25 livestock industry to determine whether competition will be
  2 26 reduced in violation of the federal Packers and Stockyards
  2 27 Act; and strictly enforcing provisions of the Packers and
  2 28 Stockyards Act which prohibit unfair trade practices in the
  2 29 livestock industry, including unfair price discrimination; and
  2 30    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the United States Congress is
  2 31 requested to take actions recommended by the state attorneys
  2 32 general, including enacting legislation which requires the
  2 33 Secretary of Agriculture to determine noncompetitive practices
  2 34 relating to price; preserving the right of producers to
  2 35 organize under the Capper-Volstead Act; amending provisions in
  3  1 the Agricultural Fair Practices Act of 1967 to require
  3  2 handlers to engage in good faith negotiations with producer
  3  3 cooperatives and networks, and to purchase products from these
  3  4 entities without discrimination; enacting legislation that
  3  5 protects producers from retaliation by packers because of
  3  6 statements made by producers to agencies, including law
  3  7 enforcement agencies, regarding the actions of packers;
  3  8 providing for greater coordination among relevant federal
  3  9 agencies including the United States Department of
  3 10 Agriculture, the United States Department of Justice, the
  3 11 Federal Trade Commission, and the Commodity Futures Trading
  3 12 Commission; and
  3 13    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That a copy of this resolution be
  3 14 sent by the Secretary of the Senate to the President of the
  3 15 United States; the Secretary of Agriculture, United States
  3 16 Department of Agriculture; the Administrator of the Grain
  3 17 Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration, United
  3 18 States Department of Agriculture; the Speaker of the House of
  3 19 Representatives of the United States; the chairman of the
  3 20 United States Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and
  3 21 Forestry; the chairman of the United States House of
  3 22 Representatives Committee on Agriculture; and members of
  3 23 Iowa's congressional delegation.  
  3 24 LSB 2715SC 77
  3 25 da/jj/8

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