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Senate Study Bill 155

Bill Text

  1  1    Section 1.  Section 99F.6, subsection 4, paragraph a, Code
  1  2 1997, is amended to read as follows:
  1  3    a.  Before a license is granted, the division of criminal
  1  4 investigation of the department of public safety shall conduct
  1  5 a thorough background investigation of the applicant for a
  1  6 license to operate a gambling game operation on an excursion
  1  7 gambling boat.  The applicant shall provide information on a
  1  8 form as required by the division of criminal investigation.  A
  1  9 qualified sponsoring organization licensed to operate gambling
  1 10 games under this chapter shall distribute the receipts of all
  1 11 gambling games, less reasonable expenses, charges, taxes,
  1 12 fees, and deductions allowed under this chapter, as winnings
  1 13 to players or participants or shall distribute the receipts
  1 14 for educational, civic, public, charitable, patriotic, or
  1 15 religious uses as defined in section 99B.7, subsection 3,
  1 16 paragraph "b".  However, if a licensee who is also licensed to
  1 17 conduct pari-mutuel wagering at a horse racetrack has unpaid
  1 18 debt from the pari-mutuel racetrack operations, the first
  1 19 receipts of the gambling games operated within the racetrack
  1 20 enclosure less reasonable operating expenses, taxes, and fees
  1 21 allowed under this chapter shall be first used to pay the
  1 22 annual indebtedness.  The commission shall authorize, subject
  1 23 to the debt payments for horse racetracks and the provisions
  1 24 of paragraph "b" for dog racetracks, a licensee who is also
  1 25 licensed to conduct pari-mutuel dog or horse racing to use
  1 26 receipts from gambling games within the racetrack enclosure to
  1 27 supplement purses for races particularly for Iowa-bred horses
  1 28 pursuant to an agreement which shall be negotiated between the
  1 29 licensee and representatives of the dog or horse owners.  For
  1 30 a licensee who is also licensed to conduct pari-mutuel horse
  1 31 racing, the supplement to the horse race purses shall be an
  1 32 amount equal to fifteen percent of the annual adjusted gross
  1 33 receipts received from gambling games and, of the total sum
  1 34 allocated to supplement horse race purses, twenty percent
  1 35 shall be used to supplement the purses of Iowa-bred horses.  A
  2  1 qualified sponsoring organization shall not make a
  2  2 contribution to a candidate, political committee, candidate's
  2  3 committee, state statutory political committee, county
  2  4 statutory political committee, national political party, or
  2  5 fund-raising event as these terms are defined in section 56.2.
  2  6 The membership of the board of directors of a qualified
  2  7 sponsoring organization shall represent a broad interest of
  2  8 the communities.  
  2  9                           EXPLANATION
  2 10    This bill provides that a licensee of a pari-mutuel horse
  2 11 racetrack who is also licensed to conduct gambling games at
  2 12 the horse racetrack shall allocate an amount equal to 15
  2 13 percent of adjusted gross receipts from gambling games to
  2 14 supplement horse race purses.  Of the total amount allocated
  2 15 to supplement the horse race purses, 20 percent shall be used
  2 16 to supplement the purses of Iowa-bred horses.  
  2 17 LSB 2378SC 77
  2 18 tj/cf/24

Text: SSB00154                          Text: SSB00156
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