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Senate File 2289

Partial Bill History

Bill Text

  1  1    Section 1.  Section 724.7, Code 1997, is amended to read as
  1  2 follows:
  1  4    Any person who can reasonably justify going armed may shall
  1  5 be issued a nonprofessional permit to carry weapons.  Such
  1  6 permits shall be on a form prescribed and published by the
  1  7 commissioner of public safety, which shall be readily
  1  8 distinguishable from the professional permit, and shall
  1  9 identify the holder thereof, and state the reason for the
  1 10 issuance of the permit, and the limits of the authority
  1 11 granted by such permit.  All permits so issued shall be for a
  1 12 definite period as established by the issuing officer, but in
  1 13 no event shall exceed a period of twelve months.
  1 14    Sec. 2.  Section 724.11, Code Supplement 1997, is amended
  1 15 to read as follows:
  1 17    Applications for permits to carry weapons shall be made to
  1 18 the sheriff of the county in which the applicant resides.
  1 19 Applications from persons who are nonresidents of the state,
  1 20 or whose need to go armed arises out of employment by the
  1 21 state, shall be made to the commissioner of public safety.  In
  1 22 either case, the issuance of the permit shall be by and at the
  1 23 discretion of the sheriff or commissioner, who shall, before
  1 24 issuing the permit, determine shall issue the permit after
  1 25 determining that the requirements of sections 724.6 to 724.10
  1 26 have been satisfied.  However, the training program
  1 27 requirements in section 724.9 may be waived for renewal
  1 28 permits.  The issuing officer shall collect a fee of ten
  1 29 dollars, except from a duly appointed peace officer or
  1 30 correctional officer, for each permit issued.  Renewal permits
  1 31 or duplicate permits shall be issued for a fee of five
  1 32 dollars.  The issuing officer shall notify the commissioner of
  1 33 public safety of the issuance of any permit at least monthly
  1 34 and forward to the commissioner an amount equal to two dollars
  1 35 for each permit issued and one dollar for each renewal or
  2  1 duplicate permit issued.  All such fees received by the
  2  2 commissioner shall be paid to the treasurer of state and
  2  3 deposited in the operating account of the department of public
  2  4 safety to offset the cost of administering this chapter.  Any
  2  5 unspent balance as of June 30 of each year shall revert to the
  2  6 general fund as provided by section 8.33.  
  2  7                           EXPLANATION 
  2  8    This bill amends Code section 724.7 to require the issuance
  2  9 of a nonprofessional permit to carry a weapon to a person who
  2 10 can reasonably justify going armed.
  2 11    The bill amends Code section 724.11, relating to the
  2 12 issuance of a permit to carry a weapon.  Currently, an
  2 13 application for a permit to carry a weapon must be made to
  2 14 either the sheriff in the county where the applicant resides
  2 15 or to the commissioner of public safety if the applicant is a
  2 16 nonresident.  The issuance of a permit is by and at the
  2 17 discretion of the sheriff or commissioner after a
  2 18 determination of whether certain requirements have been met.
  2 19 The bill amends this procedure by removing the discretion
  2 20 previously given to the sheriff or commissioner.  
  2 21 LSB 3518XS 77
  2 22 tm/jl/8.1

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