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House Study Bill 203

Bill Text

  1  1    Section 1.  Section 435.1, subsection 5, Code 1997, is
  1  2 amended to read as follows:
  1  3    5.  "Modular home" means a factory-built structure built on
  1  4 a permanent chassis which is manufactured to be used as a
  1  5 place of human habitation, is constructed to comply with the
  1  6 Iowa state building code for modular factory-built structures,
  1  7 and must display the seal issued by the state building code
  1  8 commissioner.  If a modular home is placed in a mobile home
  1  9 park, the home is subject to the annual tax as required by
  1 10 section 435.22.  If a modular home is placed outside a mobile
  1 11 home park, the home shall be considered real property and is
  1 12 to be assessed and taxed as real estate.
  1 13    Sec. 2.  Section 555B.4, subsection 3, Code 1997, is
  1 14 amended to read as follows:
  1 15    3.  If a tax lien exists on the mobile home or personal
  1 16 property at the time an action for abandonment is initiated,
  1 17 the real property owner shall notify the county treasurer of
  1 18 each county in which a tax lien appears by restricted
  1 19 certified mail sent not less than ten days before the hearing.
  1 20 The notice shall describe the mobile home and shall state the
  1 21 docket, case number, date and time at which the hearing is
  1 22 scheduled, and the county treasurer's right to assert a claim
  1 23 to the mobile home at the hearing.  The notice shall also
  1 24 state that failure to assert a claim to the mobile home is
  1 25 deemed a waiver of all right, title, claim, and interest in
  1 26 the mobile home and is deemed consent to the sale or disposal
  1 27 of the mobile home.
  1 28    Sec. 3.  Section 562B.7, subsection 6, Code 1997, is
  1 29 amended by striking the subsection and inserting in lieu
  1 30 thereof the following:
  1 31    6.  "Mobile home park" means a site, lot, field, or tract
  1 32 of land upon which three or more mobile homes, manufactured
  1 33 homes, or modular homes, or a combination of any of these
  1 34 homes are placed on developed spaces and operated as a for-
  1 35 profit enterprise with water, sewer or septic, and electrical
  2  1 services available.  
  2  2                           EXPLANATION
  2  3    This bill relates to the definitions and abandonment
  2  4 procedures for certain factory-built homes.  The bill amends
  2  5 the definition of a modular home to remove the reference to
  2  6 being built on a permanent chassis.  The bill also provides
  2  7 that in an abandonment action taken on a mobile home by the
  2  8 real property owner, the owner shall include the docket and
  2  9 case number with the notice to the county treasurers in
  2 10 counties in which a tax lien appears on the mobile home.  The
  2 11 bill also redefines mobile home parks to include references to
  2 12 modular homes and manufactured homes which are located in the
  2 13 parks along with mobile homes, references to sewer or septic,
  2 14 water, and electrical services which are available in the
  2 15 park, and a reference to the for-profit status of the parks.  
  2 16 LSB 2395HC 77
  2 17 tj/sc/14

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