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House Study Bill 195

Bill Text

  1  1    Section 1.  Section 249A.4, subsection 8, unnumbered
  1  2 paragraph 1, Code 1997, is amended to read as follows:
  1  3    Shall advise and consult at least semiannually with a
  1  4 council composed of the presidents of the following
  1  5 organizations, or a president's representative who is a member
  1  6 of the organization represented by the president:  the Iowa
  1  7 medical society, the Iowa osteopathic medical association, the
  1  8 Iowa state dental society, the Iowa state nurses association,
  1  9 the Iowa pharmacists association, the Iowa podiatry society,
  1 10 the Iowa optometric association, the community mental health
  1 11 centers association of Iowa, the Iowa psychological
  1 12 association, the association of Iowa hospital association
  1 13 hospitals and health systems, the Iowa association of rural
  1 14 health clinics, the Iowa osteopathic hospital association,
  1 15 opticians' association of Iowa, inc., the Iowa hearing aid
  1 16 society, the Iowa speech, language, and hearing association,
  1 17 the Iowa health care association, the Iowa association for
  1 18 home care, the Iowa council of health care centers, the Iowa
  1 19 physician assistant society, the Iowa association of nurse
  1 20 practitioners, and the Iowa association of homes for the
  1 21 aging, the Iowa psychiatric nurse managers network, the arc of
  1 22 Iowa which was formerly known as the association for retarded
  1 23 citizens of Iowa, the alliance for the mentally ill of Iowa,
  1 24 Iowa state association of counties, and the Iowa governor's
  1 25 planning council for developmental disabilities, together with
  1 26 one person designated by the Iowa state board of chiropractic
  1 27 examiners; one state representative from each of the two major
  1 28 political parties appointed by the speaker of the house, one
  1 29 state senator from each of the two major political parties
  1 30 appointed by the president of the senate, after consultation
  1 31 with the majority leader and the minority leader of the
  1 32 senate, each for a term of two years; four public
  1 33 representatives, appointed by the governor for staggered terms
  1 34 of two years each, none of whom shall be members of, or
  1 35 practitioners of, or have a pecuniary interest in any of the
  2  1 professions or businesses represented by any of the several
  2  2 professional groups and associations specifically represented
  2  3 on the council under this subsection, and at least one of whom
  2  4 shall be a recipient of medical assistance; the director of
  2  5 public health, or a representative designated by the director;
  2  6 and the dean of the college of medicine, university of Iowa,
  2  7 or a representative designated by the dean.  
  2  8                           EXPLANATION
  2  9    This bill adds a representative of the Iowa association of
  2 10 rural health clinics, the Iowa physician assistant society,
  2 11 and the Iowa association of nurse practitioners to the
  2 12 membership of the council which consults with the director of
  2 13 human services regarding medical assistance.  The bill also
  2 14 corrects the reference to the Iowa hospital association which
  2 15 is now the association of Iowa hospitals and health systems.  
  2 16 LSB 2605YC 77
  2 17 pf/jw/5

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