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House Resolution 15

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  1  1                HOUSE RESOLUTION NO. ___
  1  2                 BY  CONNORS and HOLVECK
  1  3 A Resolution paying tribute to the memory of Mrs. Billie 
  1  4    Jean Walling and recognizing her many contributions to 
  1  5    the Iowa House of Representatives.
  1  6    WHEREAS, Billie Jean Walling was born in Osceola,
  1  7 Iowa, where she spent her early childhood before
  1  8 moving with her family to Des Moines; and
  1  9    WHEREAS, her career as a bookkeeper first took her
  1 10 to the State of Iowa as a Senate Payroll Clerk in
  1 11 1963, and then to the House of Representatives as
  1 12 Clerk to the Chief Clerk and Payroll Clerk in 1967,
  1 13 becoming House Finance Clerk in 1971; and
  1 14    WHEREAS, Billie was well known during her many
  1 15 years of service for her competence in administering
  1 16 the House Finance Office, meeting and often surpassing
  1 17 the expectations of legislative leaders and the Chief
  1 18 Clerk, overseeing the modernization and
  1 19 computerization of the Office's functions, and making
  1 20 certain that she correctly accounted for every penny
  1 21 of the House's money; and
  1 22    WHEREAS, her role as payroll clerk brought her out
  1 23 of her "lofty" finance area and put her in contact
  1 24 with all 100 House members and their clerks and made
  1 25 her well known for her warm smile and cheerful voice
  1 26 in delivering the paychecks to the members' desks; and
  1 27    WHEREAS, Billie was considered a model employee and
  1 28 a pillar of the House for her devotion to hard work,
  1 29 her extensive knowledge of government finances, her
  1 30 loyalty and integrity, and her caring attitude toward
  2  1 her colleagues, for many of whom she served as a
  2  2 mentor; and
  2  3    WHEREAS, she performed her duties with great care
  2  4 and attention to detail, with a positive attitude and
  2  5 boundless dedication, and with a warm, wonderful, and
  2  6 witty sense of humor; and
  2  7    WHEREAS, Billie's personal life mirrored her
  2  8 professional life in terms of devotion to her husband
  2  9 Bill, her children, Will, Shari, and John, and her
  2 10 grandchildren Andy and Carrie; and
  2 11    WHEREAS, her leadership, knowledge, sensitivity,
  2 12 and cooperative working style were invaluable to the
  2 13 General Assembly as major legislative projects were
  2 14 conceived, financed, and completed, and as the General
  2 15 Assembly functioned as a separate but equal branch of
  2 16 state government; and
  2 17    WHEREAS, her unswerving loyalty to and faith in the
  2 18 legislative branch over the many years of her service
  2 19 to the General Assembly have benefited all Iowans; NOW
  2 22 That the House of Representatives pay tribute to the
  2 23 memory of Mrs. Billie Jean Walling, recognizing her
  2 24 deep commitment and many contributions to the Iowa
  2 25 House of Representatives, the Iowa General Assembly,
  2 26 and the people of the State of Iowa, and recognizing
  2 27 the many accomplishments in her life; and
  2 28    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Chief Clerk of the
  2 29 House prepare official copies of this Resolution for
  2 30 presentation to Billie's surviving husband, Bill
  3  1 Walling, and to their family.  
  3  2 LSB 2031HH 77
  3  3 rj/jj/8.3

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