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House File 2256

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  1  1    Section 1.  NEW SECTION.  321.423A  SNOWPLOWS AND SNOW
  1  3    1.  All bid specifications for snowplows or other snow
  1  4 removal vehicles purchased by the state or a political
  1  5 subdivision of the state on or after July 1, 1998, shall
  1  6 require that the vehicles be equipped to enhance visibility of
  1  7 the vehicle by other motorists with at least the following:
  1  8    a.  A dual-bulb, rotating beacon with three-hundred-sixty-
  1  9 degree visibility, mounted on the top of the vehicle.
  1 10    b.  Reflective tape along the sides and rear of the
  1 11 vehicle.
  1 12    c.  When the snowplow blade is attached to the vehicle,
  1 13 accessory snowplow headlights on the vehicle to be no higher
  1 14 than eighty inches and no lower than forty-eight inches from
  1 15 the ground, and the accessory snowplow headlight bulbs to be
  1 16 no more than sixty-eight inches and no less than forty inches
  1 17 apart.
  1 18    2.  An operator of a snowplow or other snow removal vehicle
  1 19 shall activate the rotating beacon when the snowplow blade is
  1 20 attached to the vehicle.  
  1 21                           EXPLANATION
  1 22    This bill requires all public agency bid specifications for
  1 23 new snowplows and other snow removal vehicles to be purchased
  1 24 on or after July 1, 1998, to include a requirement that the
  1 25 vehicles be equipped with a minimum level of lights and other
  1 26 features to improve visibility of the snow removal vehicle by
  1 27 other drivers.  The minimum equipment is a dual-bulb, rotating
  1 28 beacon mounted on the top of the vehicle and visible over 360
  1 29 degrees of motion which must be activated when the snowplow is
  1 30 attached to the vehicle.  Reflective tape on the sides and
  1 31 rear of the vehicle is also required.  The bill also requires
  1 32 that when the snowplow blade is attached, the accessory
  1 33 headlights are to be no higher than 80 inches and no lower
  1 34 than 48 inches from the ground.  In addition, the accessory
  1 35 headlights are to be no more than 68 inches but no less than
  2  1 40 inches apart.  Failure to comply with the provisions of the
  2  2 bill by a person preparing the bid specifications and
  2  3 operating a snow removal vehicle would constitute a simple
  2  4 misdemeanor pursuant to section 321.482.
  2  5    The bill may contain a state mandate in accordance with
  2  6 Code section 25B.2.  Code section 25B.2 provides that a
  2  7 political subdivision is not required to comply with a state
  2  8 mandate unless funding for the cost of the state mandate is
  2  9 provided or the percentage of the mandate which will be funded
  2 10 is specified by the general assembly.  
  2 11 LSB 3028HH 77
  2 12 jm/jw/5.2

Text: HF02255                           Text: HF02257
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Bills and Amendments: General Index     Bill History: General Index

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