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House File 2235

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  1  1    Section 1.  Section 99D.25A, subsections 6 through 8, Code
  1  2 Supplement 1997, are amended to read as follows:
  1  3    6.  Once a horse has been permitted the use of lasix, it
  1  4 the horse must be treated with lasix in the horse's stall,
  1  5 unless the commission provides that a horse must be brought to
  1  6 the detention barn for treatment not less than four hours
  1  7 prior to scheduled post time for the race in which it is
  1  8 entered to start.  After the lasix treatment, the commission,
  1  9 by rule, may authorize the release of the horse from the
  1 10 horse's stall or detention barn before the scheduled post
  1 11 time.  If a horse is brought to the detention barn late, the
  1 12 commission shall assess a civil penalty of one hundred dollars
  1 13 against the trainer.
  1 14    7.  A horse entered to race with lasix must be treated at
  1 15 least four hours prior to post time.  The lasix shall be
  1 16 administered intravenously by a veterinarian employed by the
  1 17 owner or trainer of the horse under the visual supervision of
  1 18 the commission veterinarian.  The commission shall adopt rules
  1 19 to ensure that lasix is administered as provided in this
  1 20 section.  The commission shall require that the practicing
  1 21 veterinarian must deposit with the commission veterinarian at
  1 22 the detention barn an unopened supply of lasix and sterile
  1 23 hypodermic needles and syringes to be used for the
  1 24 administrations deliver an affidavit signed by the
  1 25 veterinarian which certifies information regarding the
  1 26 treatment of the horse.  The affidavit must be delivered to a
  1 27 commission veterinarian within twenty minutes following the
  1 28 treatment.  The statement must at least include the name of
  1 29 the practicing veterinarian, the tattoo number of the horse,
  1 30 the location of the barn and stall where the treatment
  1 31 occurred, the race number of the horse, the name of the
  1 32 trainer, and the time that the lasix was administered.  Lasix
  1 33 shall only be administered in a dose level of two hundred
  1 34 fifty milligrams.  The commission veterinarian shall extract a
  1 35 test sample of the horse's blood, urine, or saliva to
  2  1 determine whether the horse was improperly drugged after the
  2  2 race is run.
  2  3    8.  A person found within or in the immediate vicinity of
  2  4 the detention barn or horse stall who is in possession of
  2  5 unauthorized drugs or hypodermic needles or who is not
  2  6 authorized to possess drugs or hypodermic needles shall, in
  2  7 addition to any other penalties, be barred from entry into any
  2  8 racetrack in Iowa and any occupational license the person
  2  9 holds shall be revoked.
  2 10    Sec. 2.  EFFECTIVE DATE.  This Act, being deemed of
  2 11 immediate importance, takes effect upon enactment.  
  2 12                           EXPLANATION
  2 13    This bill relates to the administration of lasix to race
  2 14 horses as regulated by the racing and gaming commission under
  2 15 chapter 99D.  Currently, a race horse must be brought to a
  2 16 detention barn for treatment under the supervision of a
  2 17 commission veterinarian.
  2 18    This bill provides that lasix may be administered in the
  2 19 horse's stall, unless the commission provides that the horse
  2 20 must be brought to the detention barn.  The bill requires the
  2 21 commission to adopt rules to ensure that lasix is lawfully
  2 22 administered.  The bill provides that the treating
  2 23 veterinarian is not required to administer the lasix under the
  2 24 supervision of a commission veterinarian, but requires the
  2 25 veterinarian administering lasix to provide an affidavit
  2 26 relating to the horse's treatment to the commission
  2 27 veterinarian within 20 minutes following treatment.
  2 28    The bill becomes effective upon enactment.  
  2 29 LSB 3662HV 77
  2 30 da/jl/8

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