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House File 2224

Partial Bill History

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  1  1    Section 1.  Section 85.34, Code Supplement 1997, is amended
  1  2 by adding the following new subsection:
  1  4 Except as provided in subsection 6, for purposes of subsection
  1  5 2, paragraph "u", the degree of permanent partial disability
  1  6 of an injured employee shall be determined as provided in this
  1  7 subsection.  Factors to be considered in determining permanent
  1  8 partial disability for purposes of subsection 2, paragraph
  1  9 "u", include the employee's medical condition prior to the
  1 10 injury, immediately after the injury, and presently; the situs
  1 11 of the injury, its severity, and the length of the healing
  1 12 period; the work experience of the employee, prior to the
  1 13 injury, and after the injury, and the potential for
  1 14 rehabilitation; the employee's qualifications intellectually,
  1 15 emotionally, and physically; the employee's earnings prior and
  1 16 subsequent to the injury; the employee's age; the employee's
  1 17 education; the employee's motivation; the employee's
  1 18 functional impairment as a result of the injury; and any
  1 19 inability because of the injury to engage in employment for
  1 20 which the employee is fitted.  The industrial commissioner
  1 21 shall, by rule, develop a system of weighting guidelines that
  1 22 indicate how each of the factors described in this subsection
  1 23 is to be considered in determining industrial disability.  
  1 24                           EXPLANATION
  1 25    This bill establishes the factors to be used in determining
  1 26 the extent of an injured employee's permanent partial
  1 27 disability (sometimes referred to as industrial disability)
  1 28 for purposes of determining the employee's workers'
  1 29 compensation benefits based upon a permanent partial
  1 30 disability that is not a scheduled injury.  The bill further
  1 31 provides that the industrial commissioner shall, by rule,
  1 32 develop a system of guidelines concerning the weight to be
  1 33 given each factor in determining this type of permanent
  1 34 partial disability.  
  1 35 LSB 3806HH 77
  2  1 ec/cf/24

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