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Senate Study Bill 2357

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  1  1                    SENATE RESOLUTION NO. ___
  1  3                    BY CHAIRPERSON DELUHERY)
  1  4 A Senate Resolution honoring the memory and efforts of
  1  5    United States Secretary of Commerce Ronald H. Brown.
  1  6    WHEREAS, Secretary of Commerce Ronald H. Brown served as
  1  7 United States Secretary of Commerce prior to his tragic death
  1  8 and the deaths of the members of the business delegation and
  1  9 flight crew while on a mission to develop trade and investment
  1 10 opportunities for American businesses and to assist in the
  1 11 rebuilding of the economies of Bosnia and Croatia; and
  1 12    WHEREAS, Secretary Brown led the transformation of America
  1 13 into an export superpower, leading the creation of the first-
  1 14 ever national export strategy to assist United States
  1 15 companies in realizing their export potential, translating
  1 16 that strategy into results by winning over $80 billion of
  1 17 foreign contracts for United States businesses; and
  1 18    WHEREAS, Secretary Brown, as the nation's first African-
  1 19 American Secretary of Commerce, demonstrated again and again
  1 20 that America's diversity is America's strength, by fighting
  1 21 for resources to help minority businesses expand, by promoting
  1 22 diversity at the Department of Commerce, and by solidifying
  1 23 the trade ties between a diverse America and new, emerging
  1 24 markets in South Africa, the Middle East, Ireland, Latin
  1 25 America, Asia, and Central Europe; and
  1 26    WHEREAS, Secretary Brown championed the role of civilian
  1 27 technology as a critical ingredient of United States success
  1 28 in the global marketplace by entering into more than 220
  1 29 public-private partnerships through the Advanced Technology
  1 30 Program to ensure that America remains the world's technology
  1 31 leader; and
  1 32    WHEREAS, Secretary Brown spurred the growth of the emerging
  1 33 information superhighway, while ensuring that it reaches
  1 34 schools, hospitals, cities, and farms; and
  1 35    WHEREAS, Secretary Brown promoted sustainable development,
  2  1 encouraging both economic growth and environmental protection
  2  2 by rebuilding depleted fisheries, boosting the export of
  2  3 environmental technologies, and modernizing our nation's
  2  4 weather service; and
  2  5    WHEREAS, upon becoming Secretary of Commerce, Secretary
  2  6 Brown visited Iowa and examined the joint technology transfer
  2  7 programs at Iowa State University and Des Moines Area
  2  8 Community College, which combine the resources of private
  2  9 industry, educational institutions, and the federal government
  2 10 to accomplish technology transfer objectives; and
  2 11    WHEREAS, Secretary Brown was the lead person in President
  2 12 Clinton's administration who successfully implemented the
  2 13 transfer of funds from the more expensive Department of
  2 14 Defense programs to the university-private industry
  2 15 partnership program; and
  2 16    WHEREAS, Secretary Brown was a strong proponent of export
  2 17 programs, and as a member of cabinet-level interagency
  2 18 committees, supported export programs in both the Commerce
  2 19 Commercial Services programs and the Small Business
  2 20 Administration programs which have helped Iowa businesses to
  2 21 utilize the services of state agencies and the United States
  2 22 Department of Commerce office in Des Moines to increase
  2 23 exports; and
  2 24    WHEREAS, Secretary Brown, prior to his service as Secretary
  2 25 of Commerce, also served his country with distinction and
  2 26 great effectiveness in the Bureau of Export Administration,
  2 27 the Economic Development Administration, the International
  2 28 Trade Administration, the Economic and Statistics
  2 29 Administration, the Minority Business Development Agency, the
  2 30 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the National
  2 31 Telecommunications and Information Administration, the Patent
  2 32 and Trademark Office, and the United States Travel and Tourism
  2 33 Administration; NOW THEREFORE,
  2 34    BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE, That tribute be paid to the
  2 35 memory of Secretary of Commerce Ronald H. Brown, and that he
  3  1 be recognized posthumously for his many contributions to the
  3  2 citizens of this state and the country; and
  3  3    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Secretary of the Senate
  3  4 prepare an official copy of this Resolution for presentation
  3  5 to Secretary Brown's wife, Alma Brown.  
  3  6 LSB 4455SC 76
  3  7 mj/sc/14

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