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Senate Study Bill 2175

Conference Committee Text

  1  1              SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO.    
  1  4 A Concurrent Resolution posthumously honoring Mr. John L.
  1  5    Mowry and recognizing his many contributions to city,
  1  6    state, and federal government.
  1  7    WHEREAS, Mr. Mowry was born in Baxter, Iowa, on December
  1  8 15, 1905, graduated from Marshalltown High School, in 1924,
  1  9 where he was president of the senior class and a member of
  1 10 varsity football and basketball teams; and
  1 11    WHEREAS, Mr. Mowry, after receiving his bachelor of arts
  1 12 degree from Ohio State University and his law degree from the
  1 13 University of Iowa, began his long, colorful career as a
  1 14 special agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation assigned
  1 15 to New York; and
  1 16    WHEREAS, Mr. Mowry returned to Iowa briefly to serve as
  1 17 county attorney for Marshall County from 1938 to 1941; and
  1 18    WHEREAS, during World War II, Mr. Mowry was assigned to the
  1 19 Intelligence Unit of the Material Command of the Army Air
  1 20 Forces and stationed in Philadelphia; and
  1 21    WHEREAS, after World War II, Mr. Mowry was appointed Deputy
  1 22 Liquor Commissioner for the State of New York by Governor
  1 23 Thomas E. Dewey; and
  1 24    WHEREAS, Mr. Mowry never forgot his Iowa roots during the
  1 25 years he lived on the east coast, returning to Iowa in 1950 to
  1 26 become Marshalltown's mayor; and
  1 27    WHEREAS, after five years as Marshalltown's mayor, Mr.
  1 28 Mowry chose to continue his public service to his community as
  1 29 its elected representative to the Iowa General Assembly; and
  1 30    WHEREAS, Mr. Mowry is remembered by friends at the Iowa
  1 31 General Assembly as a man of conviction, who, while serving
  1 32 five terms in the Iowa House of Representatives, served as
  1 33 majority floor leader and chair of the Judiciary Committee,
  1 34 and who, while serving two terms in the Iowa Senate, served as
  1 35 chair of the Commerce Committee; and
  2  1    WHEREAS, during his distinguished lifetime, Mr. Mowry was a
  2  2 trustee of the Susie Sower Trust for the benefit of the
  2  3 Historical Society of Marshall County and was an active,
  2  4 lifetime member of the First Presbyterian Church and the
  2  5 American, Iowa, Marshall County, and New York bar
  2  6 associations; and
  2  7    WHEREAS, the death of Mr. John L. Mowry on Wednesday
  2  8 morning, November 1, 1995, has saddened the citizens of
  2  9 Marshall County and constitutes a loss for the City of
  2 10 Marshalltown; NOW THEREFORE,
  2 12 CONCURRING, That the General Assembly posthumously honor Mr.
  2 13 John L. Mowry, recognizing his life's many accomplishments and
  2 14 his deep commitment to public service, Marshall County, and to
  2 15 his beloved Marshalltown; and
  2 16    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Secretary of the Senate
  2 17 send copies of this Resolution to the City of Marshalltown and
  2 18 to Mr. Mowry's daughter, Mrs. Madelyn Irvine.  
  2 19 LSB 3910SC 76
  2 20 kh/jj/8

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