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Senate File 2151

Partial Bill History

Bill Text

  1  1    Section 1.  Section 232.143, Code Supplement 1995, is
  1  2 amended to read as follows:
  1  4    1.  A statewide expenditure target for the average number
  1  5 of for children in group foster care placements on any day of
  1  6 in a fiscal year, which placements are a charge upon or are
  1  7 paid for by the state, shall be established annually in an
  1  8 appropriation bill by the general assembly.  The department
  1  9 and the judicial department shall jointly develop a formula
  1 10 for allocating a portion of the statewide expenditure target
  1 11 established by the general assembly to each of the
  1 12 department's regions.  The formula shall be based upon the
  1 13 region's proportion of the state population of children and of
  1 14 the statewide number of expenditures for children placed in
  1 15 group foster care in the previous five completed fiscal years.
  1 16 The number expenditure amount determined in accordance with
  1 17 the formula shall be the group foster care placement budget
  1 18 target for that region.  A region may exceed its budget target
  1 19 for group foster care by not more than ten percent in a fiscal
  1 20 year, provided the overall funding allocated by the department
  1 21 for all child welfare services in the region is not exceeded.
  1 22    2.  For each of the department's regions, representatives
  1 23 appointed by the department and the juvenile court shall
  1 24 establish a plan for containing the number of expenditures for
  1 25 children placed in group foster care ordered by the court
  1 26 within the budget target allocated to that region pursuant to
  1 27 subsection 1.  The plan shall include monthly targets and
  1 28 strategies for developing alternatives to group foster care
  1 29 placements in order to contain expenditures for child welfare
  1 30 services provided to children within the amount appropriated
  1 31 by the general assembly for that purpose.  Each regional plan
  1 32 shall be established in advance of the fiscal year to which
  1 33 the regional plan applies.  To the extent possible, the
  1 34 department and the juvenile court shall coordinate the
  1 35 planning required under this subsection with planning for
  2  1 services paid under section 232.141, subsection 4.  The
  2  2 department's regional administrator shall communicate
  2  3 regularly, as specified in the regional plan, with the
  2  4 juvenile courts within that region concerning the current
  2  5 status of the regional plan's implementation.
  2  6    3.  State payment for group foster care placements shall be
  2  7 limited to those placements which are in accordance with the
  2  8 regional plans developed pursuant to subsection 2.  
  2  9                           EXPLANATION
  2 10    This bill transforms regional and statewide targets for
  2 11 foster care placements into budget targets.  Under current law
  2 12 the general assembly sets a statewide target for the average
  2 13 number of children in group foster care placements on any day
  2 14 of the fiscal year and the statewide target is allocated to
  2 15 department of human services' regional targets.  The bill
  2 16 changes the statewide target to an expenditure target which is
  2 17 allocated according to formula to regional budget targets.  A
  2 18 region is authorized to exceed its budget target for group
  2 19 foster care placements by not more than 10 percent provided
  2 20 the region does not exceed its overall budget for child
  2 21 welfare services.  
  2 22 LSB 3908SS 76
  2 23 jp/sc/14

Text: SF02150                           Text: SF02152
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