Legislative Process

Document Description
Appropriations Process Chart outlines the process from submitted budget requests to passage (from October 1-July 1).
Budget Process in Iowa This document gives an in-depth look at the budget process in Iowa.
How a Bill Becomes a Law Explains the process a bill goes through from introduction to enactment.
How an Idea Becomes a Law Details the process from an idea into law, represented in flow chart form.
Iowa Legislature and U.S. Congress Outlines the differences between the Iowa Legislature and the U.S. Congress.
Legislative Information Includes information on LSA, LIO, Capitol Tours, the legislative website, contacting legislators, and the Law Library.
Legislative Terminology Defines terms and words commonly used by the Iowa General Assembly and legislative staff.
Participation and Organization in Making Iowa Laws Details how citizens can influence lawmaking by contacting their elected officials.
The Three Branches of Government Details the three branches of government in Iowa: legislative, executive, and judicial.
What Are Legislators? Discusses the definition and duties of legislators.