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Chapter 135 (HF758)  Appropriations — education
2019 Iowa Acts
135 Appropriations — education relating to the funding of, the operation of, and appropriation of moneys
Tagged topics: appropriationseducation
Chapter 1074 (SF457)  Criminal and civil penalties, fines, surcharges, fees, and costs — related funds — court debt collection
2020 Iowa Acts
$100 $135. e. Section 321.297 $100 $135. f. Section 321.299 $100 $135. g. Section 321.302 $100 $135. h.
Tagged topics: civil lawcriminal law
Chapter 1101 (HF2561)  Anatomical gifts and potential transplant recipients
2020 Iowa Acts
in this Act, as a new subchapter within chapter 135, entitled “PROTECTIONS FOR POTENTIAL RECIPIENTS OF
Chapter 156 (HF634)  Department of human rights — division of criminal and juvenile justice planning — boards and councils
2019 Iowa Acts
including the duties specified in sections 216A.135, 216A.136, 216A.137, 216A.138, and 216A.139 216A
Chapter 1045 (SF2284)  State board of regents, regents institutions, and institution programs and services
2020 Iowa Acts
striking the subsection. 2019 Iowa Acts, chapter 135, section 9, subsection 1, paragraph a, unnumbered
Chapter 1019 (SF2408)  Supplemental, standing, and continuing appropriations and related matters — emergency authority and responsibilities — instructional time waivers
2020 Iowa Acts
miscellaneous purposes, in 2019 Iowa Acts, chapter 135, section 9, subsection 2, paragraph “c”: 525,578
Chapter 1103 (HF2627)  Government regulation and standards — occupational and professional licensing
2020 Iowa Acts
hospital facilities comply with this chapter, chapter 135, and the rules of the department. Each licensee shall
Chapter 1062 (HF2535)  Nonsubstantive Code corrections
2020 Iowa Acts
aggravated misdemeanor. 2019 Iowa Acts, chapter 135, section 14, is amended by striking the section and
Tagged topics: iowa code
Chapter 1121 (HF2643)  State and local government and regulatory matters — appropriations and miscellaneous changes
2020 Iowa Acts
set forth in 2019 Iowa Acts, chapters 85, 89, 131, 135, 136, 154, 155, and 163, for the fiscal year beginning
Tagged topics: appropriations
Chapter 1063 (HF2536)  Substantive Code corrections
2020 Iowa Acts
the specifications of this chapter. Section 216A.135, subsection 2, paragraph c, Code 2020, is amended
Tagged topics: iowa code