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Chapter 63 (HF467)  Public health regulation — miscellaneous changes
2011 Iowa Acts
HSB 90 COMMITTEE ON HUMAN RESOURCES HF467 Draft relating to programs and activities under the purview of the department of public health. Be It Enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa: I TOBACCO ENFORCEMENT 1 Section 142A.1, subsectio...
Chapter 18 (HF245)  Posthumously conceived and born children — status — rights
2011 Iowa Acts
HF 63 COMMITTEE ON JUDICIARY HF245 Draft relating to the status of posthumously conceived and born children in the context of legitimacy, inheritance, rights to claim an after-born child’s share, and other rights. Be It Enacted by the General Asse...
Chapter 22 (HF271)  Detention of criminal defendants and inmates
2011 Iowa Acts
HSB 63 COMMITTEE ON JUDICIARY HF271 Draft relating to criminal defendants and inmates by modifying bail restrictions placed on criminal defendants and applying credit for time served. Be It Enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa: 1 S...
Chapter 1083 (HF2228)  Operating a motor vehicle — speed, control, and accidents
2012 Iowa Acts
operating privileges for ninety days. See chapter 1138, §63 herein For a violation causing bodily injury to another
Chapter 122 (HF45)  Miscellaneous appropriation reductions, transfers, and supplementals
2011 Iowa Acts
sections 321.120 , 421.19 , 421.28 , 422.72 , and 452A.63 , and this section , a tax return, return information
Chapter 41 (SF512)  Internal revenue code, income tax provisions, and other financial matters
2011 Iowa Acts
taxes or claimed the standard deduction under section 63 of the Internal Revenue Code . This paragraph applies
Chapter 1113 (HF2464)  Regulation of public health — miscellaneous changes
2012 Iowa Acts
PHARMACY RESEARCH PROJECTS 2011 Iowa Acts, chapter 63, section 36, subsection 1, is amended to read as
Chapter 113 (SF531)  Motor fuels — regulation, dispensing, and tax credits and refunds
2011 Iowa Acts
credit” means the E-15 plus gasoline See chapter 131, §63, 79, 158 herein tax credit as provided in this section
Tagged topics: fuels
Chapter 1133 (SF2336)  Appropriations — health and human services
2012 Iowa Acts
2011 Iowa Acts, House File 467 , as enacted chapter 63 . For the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2012, and
Chapter 1095 (SF2311)  Department of agriculture and land stewardship — miscellaneous changes
2012 Iowa Acts
district commissioners for their review. Section 161A.63, Code 2011, is amended to read as follows: Right