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IAC Rule 11.111.3
Iowa Administrative Code
State vehicle auctions. Eligibility to bid. Settlement of purchases. Guarantees and warranties. Sales tax. Public property. Office hours. Announcements. Liability. State vehicle auctions—exceptions. Advertisement of sales. Dates and times to exami...
Published: 07/06/2005
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IAC Rule 441.98.101
Iowa Administrative Code
Referral for license sanction. Delinquent support payments. Subpoena or warrant.
Published: 11/07/2007
Tagged topics:
IAC Rule 571.61.12
Iowa Administrative Code
Vessels prohibited.
Published: 07/08/2015
Tagged topics:
IAC Rule 571.61.6
Iowa Administrative Code
Vessel storage fees.
Published: 04/09/2008
Tagged topics:
IAC Rule 571.44.6
Iowa Administrative Code
Alternate dates for snowmobile, boating, all-terrain vehicle, off-highway vehicle, and off-road motorcycle special events.
Published: 06/01/2011
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IAC Rule 571.51.8
Iowa Administrative Code
Motor vehicle restrictions. Roads and parking lots. Handicapped persons. Definitions. Permits. Approved areas. Exclusive use. Prohibited acts. Shooting from motor vehicle.
Published: 07/01/2009
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IAC Rule 571.66.4
Iowa Administrative Code
Area use restrictions.
Published: 12/06/2006
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IAC Rule 701.235.1
Iowa Administrative Code
Sanctioned automobile racetrack facilities. Definitions. Affidavit by owner or operator. Notification to the department of revenue. Limitations. Termination of rebate program. Sourcing of sales. Requirements to obtain a rebate of state sales tax by the ra
Published: 10/17/2012
Enabling Statutes: 423.4(5) , 423.4(5)
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