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IAC Rule 441.77.34
Iowa Administrative Code
HCBS AIDS/HIV waiver service providers. Counseling providers. Home health aide providers. Homemaker providers. Nursing care providers. Respite care providers. Home-delivered meals. Adult day care providers. Consumer-directed attendant care provide...
Published: 07/04/2018
Enabling Statutes: 249A.4 , 249A.4
Tagged topics: hiv/aids
IAC Rule 571.61.15
Iowa Administrative Code
Honey Creek Resort State Park.
Published: 07/08/2015
Tagged topics: honey creek state park
IAC Rule 481.58.34
Iowa Administrative Code
Garbage and waste disposal.
Published: 07/30/2008
Tagged topics: sanitation
IAC Rule 567.41.5
Iowa Administrative Code
Organic chemicals. MCLs and other requirements for organic chemicals. Applicability. Maximum contaminant levels (MCLs) and analytical methodology for organic compounds. Organic chemical monitoring requirements. Best available technology(ies) (BATs...
Published: 04/11/2018
Tagged topics: chemicals
IAC Rule 567.51.8
Iowa Administrative Code
Agricultural drainage wells.
Published: 06/07/2006
IAC Rule 567.51.7
Iowa Administrative Code
Excavation and processing of rock and gravel products.
Published: 06/07/2006
Tagged topics: gravel,  stones
IAC Rule 567.52.21
Iowa Administrative Code
Permits to divert water to an agricultural drainage well. Approval criteria. Approval conditions. Surface water intakes. Cisterns. Access/ventilation. Repair and maintenance. Modifications of drainage well. Closure. Modification or cancellation of...
Published: 07/08/2015
Enabling Statutes: 455I
IAC Rule 567.93.5
Iowa Administrative Code
Livestock water quality facilities requirements. Livestock water quality facilities assistance. Eligible project costs. Applicant eligibility. Eligible projects. Funding formula. Applying for assistance. Project review and approval. Duration of th...
Published: 03/10/2010
IAC Rule 571.30.58
Iowa Administrative Code
Sponsor eligibility. Water trails development program. Low-head dam public hazard program.
Published: 06/04/2008
Tagged topics: dams,  rivers and streams,  trails