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IAC Rule 11.100.6
Iowa Administrative Code
Office space management. Purpose. Scope and applicability. Office space standards. Notification of intended office space or office systems modifications. Work plan. Purchase of modular office components. Disposal of surplus office modular components, furn
Published: 10/24/07
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IAC Rule 11.54.5
Iowa Administrative Code
Scoring examinations. Adjustment of errors. Points for veterans.
Published: 11/25/15
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IAC Rule 11.63.12
Iowa Administrative Code
Court appearances and jury duty.
Published: 05/24/06
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IAC Rule 11.63.9
Iowa Administrative Code
Military leave.
Published: 08/02/17
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IAC Rule 11.65.3
Iowa Administrative Code
Application of Hatch Act.
Published: 05/27/15
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IAC Rule 281.12.8
Iowa Administrative Code
Accountability for student achievement. Comprehensive school improvement. Community involvement. Data collection, analysis, and goal setting. Content standards and benchmarks. Determination and implementation of actions to meet the needs. Evaluati...
Published: 01/20/16
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IAC Rule 281.63.7
Iowa Administrative Code
Special education. Assignment. Duties. Role of director of special education.
Published: 08/23/00
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IAC Rule 567.51.6
Iowa Administrative Code
Miscellaneous uses. Drainage at construction sites. Test pumping. Rural water districts. Permit registration for minor, nonrecurring uses. Research contracts.
Published: 06/07/06
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IAC Rule 111.10.8
Iowa Administrative Code
Dispute resolution process. Definitions. Administrative review. Mediation. Formal hearing. Documents provided.
Published: 11/28/12
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IAC Rule 441.98.122
Iowa Administrative Code
Enforcement services by private attorney entitled to state compensation. Eligible cases. Procedure. Collection and payment to attorney.
Published: 11/07/07
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