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IAC Rule 11.100.3
Iowa Administrative Code
Published: 12/19/2018
Enabling Statutes: 142D , 8A.322 , 8A.322
Tagged topics: smoking,  tobacco
IAC Rule 441.77.18
Iowa Administrative Code
Orthopedic shoe dealers and repair shops.
Published: 01/14/2009
Enabling Statutes: 249A.4 , 249A.4
Tagged topics: orthopedic devices,  podiatry,  shoes
IAC Rule 661.301.9
Iowa Administrative Code
Fuel gas piping requirements.
Published: 04/13/2016
Tagged topics: appliances,  fuels
IAC Rule 661.301.5
Iowa Administrative Code
Electrical requirements.
Published: 04/13/2016
Enabling Statutes: 103A
IAC Rule 661.121.12
Iowa Administrative Code
Badges, uniforms, insignia, patches and hats.
Published: 07/30/2008
Tagged topics: badges,  insignia,  uniforms
IAC Rule 661.201.3
Iowa Administrative Code
Electrical installations.
Published: 04/13/2016
Enabling Statutes: 100
Tagged topics: appliances,  electrical codes
IAC Rule 661.221.7
Iowa Administrative Code
Fuel-fired appliances.
Published: 08/13/2008
Tagged topics: appliances
IAC Rule 441.78.15
Iowa Administrative Code
Orthopedic shoes. Definitions. Prescription. Diagnosis. Frequency.
Published: 10/02/2013
Enabling Statutes: 249A.4 , 249A.4
IAC Rule 661.91.9
Iowa Administrative Code
Offensive weapons as collector’s items—method of classification.
Published: 11/17/2010
Tagged topics: antiques