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IAC Rule 281.103.5
Iowa Administrative Code
Reasonable force.
Published: 10/08/08
Tagged topics:
IAC Rule 201.20.18
Iowa Administrative Code
Violator/shock probation programs.
Published: 09/22/10
Enabling Statutes: 904.207 , 904.207
Tagged topics:
IAC Rule 661.150.3
Iowa Administrative Code
Laboratory capabilities. Crime scene response. Breath alcohol section. Controlled substance identification. DNA. DNA profiling. Firearms. Latent prints and impressions. Photography. Questioned documents. Tool marks. Toxicology. Trace and arson.
Published: 07/25/12
Tagged topics:
IAC Rule 441.113.13
Iowa Administrative Code
Record checks. Procedure. Iowa records. Other records. Evaluation of record. Exclusion. Scope. Evaluation form. Evaluation decision. License renewal.
Published: 07/05/17
Enabling Statutes: 237.8(2) , 237.8(2)
Tagged topics:
IAC Rule 441.106.5
Iowa Administrative Code
Denial, suspension, or revocation.
Published: 03/29/17
Enabling Statutes: 237C.6 , 237C.6
Tagged topics:
IAC Rule 481.41.15
Iowa Administrative Code
Criminal behavior involving children.
Published: 02/10/99
Enabling Statutes: 135H.7 , 135H.7
Tagged topics:
IAC Rule 481.64.33
Iowa Administrative Code
Allegations of dependent adult abuse. Allegations of dependent adult abuse. Separation of accused abuser and victim.
Published: 12/10/14
Tagged topics:
IAC Rule 441.107.8
Iowa Administrative Code
Investigative services. Preplacement investigations. Background information investigation. Postplacement supervision. Reports of investigations. Fees for services.
Published: 12/10/14
Tagged topics:
IAC Rule 481.1.10
Iowa Administrative Code
State public defender.
Published: 12/30/09
Tagged topics: