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IAC Rule 441.77.43
Iowa Administrative Code
Infant and toddler program providers. Licensure. Documentation requirements.
Published: 09/30/2015
Enabling Statutes: 249A.4 , 249A.4
Tagged topics: children,  newborn children,  toddlers
IAC Rule 441.77.46
Iowa Administrative Code
HCBS children’s mental health waiver service providers. General provider standards. Fiscal capacity. Direct care staff. Outcome-based standards and quality assurance. Incident management and reporting. Environmental modifications, adaptive devic...
Published: 07/04/2018
Enabling Statutes: 249A.4 , 249A.4
Tagged topics: children,  mental health
IAC Rule 441.77.27
Iowa Administrative Code
Birth centers.
Published: 01/14/2009
Enabling Statutes: 249A.4 , 249A.4
Tagged topics: births
IAC Rule 481.103.5
Iowa Administrative Code
State rules and rules established by the licensee.
Published: 09/26/2018
Enabling Statutes: 99B.1(24) , 99B.1(24)
Tagged topics: children
IAC Rule 441.153.11
Iowa Administrative Code
Published: 01/13/2010
IAC Rule 441.153.15
Iowa Administrative Code
Decategorization services funding pool. Creation and composition of pool. Use of funding pool. Designation and transfer of department funds. Designation and transfer of juvenile justice funds. Carryover funding.
Published: 06/03/2009
IAC Rule 441.153.13
Iowa Administrative Code
Role and responsibilities of decategorization project governance boards. Rules of operation. Open meetings and records. Coordination. Right to services. Community service planning. Annual service plan. Fiscal management. Annual report.
Published: 12/02/2009
IAC Rule 441.153.14
Iowa Administrative Code
Realignment of decategorization project boundaries.
Published: 04/09/2008
IAC Rule 441.153.12
Iowa Administrative Code
Implementation requirements. Decategorization agreement. Department approval. Governance board. Department information. Juvenile justice information. Support and coordination.
Published: 04/09/2008
IAC Rule 441.153.17
Iowa Administrative Code
Relationship of decategorization funding pool to juvenile court services funding streams. Allocation. Budgeting. Transfer to project. Communication with the governance board.
Published: 04/09/2008