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IAC Rule 21.66.13
Iowa Administrative Code
Feeder pig dealer bonding/letter of credit requirement and claims procedures. General requirement. Applicability. Amount of bond. Claims. Procedure. Disputes. Costs of settling disputes.
Published: 12/22/04
Enabling Statutes: 163.30 , 163.30 , 202C
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IAC Rule 21.76.7
Iowa Administrative Code
Published: 08/25/10
Enabling Statutes: 189A.7(7) , 189A.7(7)
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IAC Rule 21.76.8
Iowa Administrative Code
Dead, dying, disabled or diseased animals.
Published: 07/23/14
Enabling Statutes: 167.14 , 167.14 , 167.5 , 167.5 , 189A.8 , 189A.8
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IAC Rule 567.93.5
Iowa Administrative Code
Livestock water quality facilities requirements. Livestock water quality facilities assistance. Eligible project costs. Applicant eligibility. Eligible projects. Funding formula. Applying for assistance. Project review and approval. Duration of th...
Published: 03/10/10
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IAC Rule 441.98.101
Iowa Administrative Code
Referral for license sanction. Delinquent support payments. Subpoena or warrant.
Published: 11/07/07
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IAC Rule 567.71.13
Iowa Administrative Code
Animal feeding operation structures. Rural areas. Urban areas. Adjacent to an impoundment.
Published: 05/14/03
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IAC Rule 567.72.13
Iowa Administrative Code
Animal feeding operation structures. Confinement feeding operation structures located on the flood plain of a major water source. Other animal feeding operation structures. Location. Flood protection.
Published: 06/11/03
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IAC Rule 571.44.4
Iowa Administrative Code
Permit conditions. Use of concessionaire. Special permit conditions for fishing tournaments. Catfish fishing tournaments. Bass fishing tournaments.
Published: 11/08/17
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IAC Rule 571.51.7
Iowa Administrative Code
Trapping on game management areas. Marking trap sites.
Published: 06/20/07
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