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The state of Iowa assents to the provisions of the Act of Congress entitled “An Act To Provide That The United States Shall Aid The States In Wildlife Restoration Projects, And For Other Purposes”, approved September 2, 1937, 50 Stat. 917, codifie...
Tagged topics: wildlife
There is hereby granted to the government of the United States, so long as it shall use the same as a part and for the purposes of the said “Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge”, all areas of land subject to overflow and not u...
Tagged topics: birdsfishgame animalsrefugeswildlife
A person who files an individual or a joint income tax return with the department of revenue under section 422.13 may designate any amount to be paid to the state fish and game protection fund. If the refund due on the return or the payment remitted...
The director shall, at least monthly, make return and pay to the treasurer of state all moneys then in the director’s hands belonging to the funds created in section 456A.17 .
Tagged topics: fishgame animalswildlife
Any acquisition by the government of the United States of land and water, or of land or water, under section 1.5 shall be first approved by the natural resource commission and the director of the department of natural resources of this state.
Tagged topics: birdsfishgame animalsrefugeswildlife
The department is hereby authorized and empowered to: Expend, as authorized by the general assembly under section 456A.19, any and all moneys accruing to the fish and game protection fund from any and all sources in carrying out the purposes of thi...
The department shall protect, propagate, increase, and preserve the wild mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, and amphibians of the state and enforce by proper actions and proceedings the laws, rules, and regulations relating to them. The department shall ...
Tagged topics: wildlife
The following four funds are created in the state treasury: A state fish and game protection fund. A state conservation fund. An administration fund. A county conservation board fund. The state fish and game protection fund, except as otherwise provid...
Tagged topics: fishgame animalswildlife
All funds accruing to the fish and game protection fund, except an equitable portion of the administration fund, shall be expended solely in carrying on fish and wildlife activities. Expenditures incurred by the department in carrying on the activitie...
Tagged topics: fishgame animalswildlife
Section 1.4 shall apply to all lands acquired under sections 1.5 to 1.7 .
Tagged topics: birdsfishgame animalsrefugeswildlife