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In the report of the appraisers so appointed they shall specify each tract of land by proper description, and the ownership thereof, as the same appears on the transfer books in the auditor’s office.
After obtaining agreements to carry out recommended soil conservation measures and proper farm plans from owners of not less than fifty percent of the lands situated in the subdistrict, the governing body of the subdistrict shall have the authority to...
At the time of appointing the appraisers, the governing body shall fix the time within which said assessment, classification, and apportionment shall be made, which may be extended for good cause shown. Within twenty days after their appointment, the ...
Any person aggrieved may appeal from any final action of the governing body in relation to any matter involving the person’s rights, to the district court of the county in which the proceeding was held.
The governing body shall fix a time for a hearing within sixty days upon receiving the report of the appraisers, and the governing body shall cause notice to be served upon each person not less than ten days before said hearing whose name appears as o...
At the time fixed or at an adjourned hearing, the governing body shall hear and determine all objections filed to said report and shall fully consider the said report, and may affirm, increase, or diminish the percentage of benefits or the apportionme...
In subdistricts extending into two or more counties, appeals from final orders resulting from the joint action of the several governing bodies of such subdistrict may be taken to the district court of any county into which the district extends.
Within twenty days after perfection of notice, the appellant shall file a petition setting forth the order or final action of the governing body appealed from and the grounds of the appellant’s objections and the appellant’s complaint, with a copy of ...
All appeals shall be taken within twenty days after the date of final action or order of the governing body from which such appeal is taken by filing with the auditor a notice of appeal, designating the court to which the appeal is taken, the order or...
When the board or boards of supervisors shall receive a certification from the governing body of the district to make the necessary assessment on the real estate within the boundaries of the subdistrict lying within their respective county, this shall...