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When a motor truck, truck tractor, or road tractor is registered by the county treasurer pursuant to section 321.120, 321.121, or 321.122 and there is no delinquency and the registration is made in February or succeeding months through November,...
A person shall not knowingly lend to another a registration card, registration plate, special plate, or permit issued to the person if the other person desiring to borrow the card, plate, or permit would not be entitled to the use of it. A person shal...
The civil air patrol may be used to support national guard missions in support of civil authorities as described in section 29C.5 or in support of noncombat national guard missions under section 29A.8 or 29A.8A. Requests for activation of the ci...
Tagged topics: civil air patrol
Any motor vehicle may be equipped with not to exceed three auxiliary driving lamps mounted on the front at a height not less than twelve inches nor more than forty-two inches above the level surface upon which the vehicle stands, and every such auxili...
The annual registration fee for truck tractors, road tractors, and motor trucks, except 2010 and subsequent model year motor trucks required to be registered under section 321.109 and motor trucks registered as special trucks, shall be based on the ...
Except as provided in this chapter every vehicle registration, registration card, and registration plate shall expire as follows: For vehicles registered by the county treasurer, at midnight on the last day of the registration year. A person shall n...
Vehicle registration plates shall conform to the following specifications: Registration plates shall be of metal and of a size not to exceed six inches by twelve inches, except that the size of plates issued for use on autocycles, motorized bicycles, ...
Except as expressly provided in this division, compliance with this division shall not exempt a person from compliance with any other law.
Tagged topics: mercurymotor vehiclesrecycling
If a transporter or dealer has an established place of business in more than one city, the transporter or dealer shall secure a separate and distinct certificate of registration and number plates for each such place of business.
The department, upon receiving a report of a stolen or embezzled vehicle as provided in section 321.72 or 321.73 or through the national motor vehicle title information system, shall file and appropriately index the same and shall immediately susp...