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The Iowa ethics and campaign disclosure board shall administer the provisions of sections 68A.601 through 68A.609 and shall promulgate all necessary rules in accordance with chapter 17A .
Tagged topics: checkoffsincome taxestaxation
Within ten days after filing of the assessment schedule, the council shall meet, consider, and adopt or amend and adopt, by resolution, the final assessment schedule. The resolution must: Confirm and levy assessments, including a conditional levy of t...
Tagged topics: special assessments
Any provision of law, resolution, or ordinance specifying a time when or the order in which acts must be done in a proceeding which may result in a special assessment, is subject to the qualifications of sections 384.72 to 384.74. A city may combine...
Tagged topics: special assessments
In the sale of real property for taxes and assessments, the notice of the time and place of such sale shall be given by the treasurer or the collector, and shall contain the description of each separate tract to be sold, as taken from the tax list; th...
To the extent that the basic levies are insufficient to meet the county’s needs for the following services, the board may certify supplemental levies as follows: For general county services, an amount sufficient to pay the charges for the following: T...
A litigation expense fund is created in the state treasury. The litigation expense fund shall be used for the payment of litigation expenses incurred by the state to defend property valuations established by the director of revenue pursuant to sectio...
The treasurer shall: Determine and collect taxes on mobile homes and manufactured homes as provided in sections 435.22 to 435.26. Collect the tax levied for the brucellosis and tuberculosis eradication fund as provided in section 165.18. Collect t...
Any candidate for a partisan public office, except as otherwise provided by section 68A.103, subsection 2, may receive campaign funds from the Iowa election campaign fund through the state central committee of the candidate’s political party. Howeve...
Tagged topics: checkoffsincome taxestaxation
The plat as prepared and filed by the engineer must show the following information: The boundaries of the district containing the lots proposed to be assessed. The location of each lot under separate ownership within the district, including the proper...
Tagged topics: special assessments
The money accumulated in the Iowa election campaign fund to the account of each political party in the state shall be remitted to the party on the first business day of each month by warrant of the director of the department of administrative services...
Tagged topics: checkoffsincome taxestaxation