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The department shall not make a commitment or enter into an agreement pursuant to an exercise of authority under sections 456A.30 through 456A.33 until the department has determined that sufficient funds are available to the department for meeting t...
Tagged topics: recreationwatersheds
If a school district or nonpublic school does not provide an interscholastic activity for its students, the board of directors of that school district or the authorities in charge of the nonpublic school may complete an agreement with another school d...
Tagged topics: athletics
Sections 725.5 through 725.10 and 725.12 do not apply to a game, activity, ticket, or device when lawfully possessed, used, conducted, or participated in pursuant to chapter 99B, 99F, or 99G .
Tagged topics: gambling
Applications for assistance under the sports tourism program shall be submitted to the authority. For those applications that meet the eligibility criteria, the authority shall forward the applications to the board and provide a staff review analysis ...
For purposes of this section: “Electronic message” includes images visible on the screen of a hand-held electronic communication device including a text-based message, an instant message, a portion of electronic mail, an internet site, a social media...
Any person who records or registers bets or wagers or sells pools upon the result of any trial or contest of skill, speed, or power of endurance of human or beast, or upon the result of any political nomination or election, and any person who keeps a ...
Tagged topics: gambling
The economic development authority, in cooperation with the state department of transportation and the department of cultural affairs, shall establish and administer a program designed to promote knowledge of and access to buildings, sites, districts,...
No person shall camp in any portion of a state park or preserve except in portions prescribed or designated by the commission.
Tagged topics: camping
The department may prepare, maintain, and keep up-to-date a comprehensive plan for the development of the outdoor recreation resources of the state, and acquire lands, waters, and interests in lands and waters for such areas and facilities.
Tagged topics: recreation
The state agencies, as indicated in this section, shall undertake certain specific functions to implement the goals of a statewide program, including the pilot projects, for welcome centers. The department of economic development and the state depar...
Tagged topics: tourismwelcome centers